7 Things You Never Knew You ‘Actually’ Learnt From Bollywood

1) It helped us deal with bad break ups

Every time we get our heart broken, rushing to the movies was always a great distraction. Be that to cry our eyes out during a chick flick, or getting the aggression out in a dhishum-dhishum film – watching a Bollywood movie always got us back on our toes!

2) It helped us believe in love

We can act as cool as we want to, but no matter how filmy or cheesy a Bollywood flick gets, it ALWAYS gets our attention. And even though ya folks may not have realized it, these flicks
somewhere made us all – filmy lovers! Thanks to our filmy pyaar bhari movies, we all now secretly hope for epic dream sequences and some Swiss getaway romance. Come on, there’s absolutely no denying. 

3) It transforms us from ‘the classy’ to the ‘the bindaaas’ – For good.
Aaaand yes! We can act all prim and proper, but there’s no denying that it’s anyday more fun to be a Govinda than the Queen of England! B-town taught us to let go of all that sass, and confidently shake that ass! Dhinchaaaak is the way bhai log!

4) It made us believe in miracles
And because practically anything can happen in our movies (and by anything, I literally mean anything), it makes us believe that ‘anything’ can happen in our lives too! Don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad, but it definitely makes us believe in some sort of magic, hoping that it’ll change our life. And that’s kind of cool, right?

5) It spoilt us silly!
All that school and college wildness would NOT have been the same without being inspired by ‘high school Bollywood’ and ‘bollywood college of arts.’ The friends, the masti and the “proposals;” we’ve all spent our student life and post student life, living dil se and getting caught for it! Yikes!

6) It makes us realize the importance of friendship :
Believe it or not, friendship is pretty much what gets us through life. And be those lazy Wednesday movie marathons, Sunday cinema catches or random TV surfing, bonding over the best or the worst of films with our buddies makes everything a little better. And of course, if there’s one thing that desi movies have made us realize, it’s that there’s no bond more special than friendship. 

7) It teaches us how to deal with life
And last but not the least, it teaches us how to get through each phase of life – good or bad. There’s just so much emotion there, na? And that’s what! All those emotions stay with us, post the movie and make us stronger in some strange way. We understand experiences, relate to characters and learn to pick ourselves up and move on. Kyonki picture abhi baaki hai mere dost! 

SOURCE - goodtimes. ndtv


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