'Since I Am At The Top, People Are Targeting Me And My Position': Kangana Ranaut

We really wonder if Kangana Ranaut has been implying through her interviews lately that Deepika Padukone is jealous of her! Just because the Piku actress, at different events, has shown respect to the Queen star saying that she's proud and envious of the way Kangana has achieved everything in life, doesn't really translate into jealousy in our books! The cold vibes shared by the two actresses is well known to the public and now that Kangana considers herself a top heroine, we wonder if she's getting a little insecure with the Queen mantle on her head!
A recent dnaindia.com report said that Kangana Ranaut was amidst busy promotional schedules for her next film Katti Battiwhen someone asked her about the shortcomings of her success in Bollywood. Kangana is known to have shot back saying, "I know that since I am at the top, people are targeting me and my position. I have been struggling for 10 years and I need to secure my position, my career because I don't have an alternative." But the actress also adds that such challenges help push her 'beyond the boundary line'. "Like people challenge me or test me, I find it amusing. So I always hope to get 10 on 10. But the more people stretch me, I end up getting 15 on 10. As a person, I probably didn't have the calibre or IQ to do that. Thanks to the criticism and the challenges, I managed to exceed my own expectations because when you are in such a position, you run for your life."

The actress also revealed in the same interview that there have been a lot of people targeting her as well. "Obviously there are people. There have been interviews where people have said, 'I am jealous of Kangana'. So there's definitely a lot more to that."

But the actress is quick to point out that it doesn't worry her at all. She says,"No, not at all. It's all fine." 
Source - masala


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