Aamir Khan, Master of Disguise: From Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak to PK

Aamir Khan has a chameleon-like tendency to look different and fresh in his films.


It's that time of the year again - time for an Aamir Khan film. Mr Perfectionist is back with a bang and a new look in his upcoming film PK. The actor is probably Bollywood's answer to Tamil superstar Kamal Haasan, in terms of re-inventing his look in films.

Like Mr Haasan, the PK star has a chameleon-like tendency to look different and fresh in his films. The previews, trailers and songs of PK have already created curiosity among his fans and colleagues, with special focus on his eccentric look in the film.

Aamir rejected at least five hair styles in pursuit of the perfect look for PK. From "boyish" to "weird" to "warrior", Aamir tried them all. (Also Read: How Aamir Khan Got the Perfect Look For PK)

But that is not new for Aamir; the actor is known for dedicating time to create the perfect look in all his films. And that gives us a diverse range of looks from Aamir Khan's 26 years in Bollywood.

Here's a definitive run-through of Aamir's changing appearance in his films over the decades:

Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak

In his breakthrough film Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, then 23-year-old Aamir Khan played the role of a teenaged college student who falls in love with the daughter of his father's arch-enemy. For the film, Aamir's look was simple and boyish, which probably required least effort.
Aamir went on to do a series of films like Dil, Andaaz Apna Apna, Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin, Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander, among other where his look remained similar to that in Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak.


After multiple hits in which he looked similar came Aamir's Rangeela, in which he played the role of the tapori Munna. Here, Aamir was true to the spirit of the film - with a wardrobe as Rangeela as the title, scarves knotted around his neck, neon shirts worn loose over eye-popping net vests, a peaked cap and more swagger than his neighbour played by Urmila Matondkar, who has eyes only for men with impeccable style, could handle.


In Ghulam, Aamir's look was faintly thuggish, complete with chain-jingling denims, muscle tees, boots and a waistcoat or jacket. With a beedi in one hand, biking gloves and a poor-boy hat, Aamir delivered one of the best performances of his career. Apart from his look, his mannerisms and the Aati Kya Khandala song left a lasting impression on our minds.


Aamir experimented with his look somewhat in films like Earth and Mela, but his next big change came with his character Bhuvan in Ashutosh Gowariker's Lagaan. Here, Aamir played the role of a villager fighting against the injustice of the British Raj. As the rustic but fiery Bhuvan, Aamir wore adhoti and waistcoat-type shirt, complete with a turban. Aamir's eye for detail ensured wardrobe extras like a kundal, bracelet and necklace, worn by villagers in Gujarat even today.

Dil Chahta Hai

In the wake of Lagaan followed whispers - could Aamir reinvent himself after the grand success of the film? He could, it seemed. At 36, Aamir was cast in the role of a young man in his 20s making the transition from college to entrepreneurship in filmmaker Farhan Akhtar's Dil Chahta Hai. His trendy young wardrobe included a crisp gel-laden hairstyle with a small goatee. Aamir's goatee later became a fashion statement among the youth.

Mangal Pandey: The Rising 

Enter Aamir Khan as freedom fighter Mandal Pandey, in long curly locks and sleek handlebar moustache. Aamir, who played the role of one of the precursors of the Indian freedom movement, was seen in the uniform worn by the Indian soldiers of the time in the East India Company army. Out of uniform, he was spotted in a villager's attire comprising dhoti-kurta. Aamir's moustache had also become a fad for some time after the film's release in 2005.

Rang De Basanti

In Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra's film, Aamir played the role of a DU alumnus who hangs out with other university students and finds himself caught in events that radicalises them. Now in his early 40s, Aamir had to play a character half his age and he did it well again.

Taare Zameen Par

How do you make a teacher look cool? Answer: A Mohawk hairstyle and endearing attitude. Aamir Khan as a youthful art teacher in Taare Zameen Paronce again charmed his fans and made another of his many looks the ultimate in fashion.


As a revenge-driven passionate lover, Aamir Khan surprised his fans with an extreme crew cut revealing the ghastly scars of a past attack. Aamir also worked on his body and beefed up to achieve a never-seen-before new look. Again, Aamir's Ghajini hairdo became a style statement.

3 Idiots

It seemed like Aamir Khan just couldn't age, at least on-screen. At 45, Aamir had no qualms in playing the role of college student and 3 Idiots became another feather in his cap of masquerades. What's more, he relied mostly on his emotive skills than his wardrobe to look the part of a young engineering student.

Talaash: The Answer Lies Within

In the Reema Kagti film, Aamir Khan plays the role of a driven cop on a mission to uncover a mysterious truth. Aamir opted for short hairdo and thick moustache to go with the khaki.

Dhoom: 3

In his last Bollywood outing, Aamir Khan was seen in a double role and here again, he devoted his energies to creating a character that looked unique. For months, he wasn't seen off set without the bowler hat his character Sahir wears in the film. A sleeveless high-necked jacket topped his outfit - that is, when he wasn't atop a bike in leather jacket and helmet.


In his upcoming release, Aamir's look and costumes (and lack of one too) have generated a lot of interest. And yet it is unclear who his characterPKactually is. His clothes range from a skirt to a bandwala's outfit and his naturally popping-out ears are exaggerated. In addition, he has green lenses on, prompting speculation that PK could be an alien.

The true nature of Aamir's character will only be revealed on December 19, when the film releases. PK, directed by Rajkumar Hirani, also stars actors Anushka Sharma, Sanjay Dutt and Sushant Singh Rajput.

फर्क नहीं पड़ता बिपाशा को!

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बिपाशा के पास कितनी फिल्में हैं, वह किन-किन फिल्मों में काम कर रही हैं, जब भी यह सवाल उनसे पूछा जाता है तो वह भड़क उठती हैं। फिर नाराजगी की सफाई देते हुए भरे स्वर में कहती हैं, ‘मैं इन दिनों कितनी फिल्मों में काम कर रही हूं, इसे लेकर मीडिया कुछ ज्यादा ही परेशान रहता है, जबकि पिछले दो साल से मैंने खुद ही फिल्मों की संख्या बहुत कम कर दी है।’ वह कम फिल्में करने की वजह भी बताती हैं, ‘असल में दिन-रात काम करने की वजह से मेरा शरीर खराब होने लगा था। साथ ही घर के लोगों को मैं जरा भी समय नहीं दे पा रही थी। सच कहूं तो मेरा कोई निजी जीवन ही नहीं रह गया था। फिर अब मैं फिल्मों के अलावा कुछ और भी करना चाहती हूं।’
बिपाशा के मुताबिक पिछले वर्षों में उन्होंने दिन-रात मेहनत कर जो पैसा कमाया है, उसका अब वह पूरा इस्तेमाल करना चाहती हैं। फिर वह सफाई देती हैं, ‘अब मैं आराम से अपनी फिटनेस की सोच को और आगे बढ़ाना चाहती हूं। मेरी रेस्तरां चेन खोलने की भी है। 2015 के जनवरी माह में मैं कोलकाता में फिटनेस को लेकर एक बडे़ आयोजन की भी तैयारी कर रही हूं। कोलकाता में इससे पहले फिटनेस को लेकर इतना बड़ा आयोजन कभी नहीं हुआ। कुल मिला कर बिजनेस, परिवार और एक्टिंग के बीच मैं एक संतुलन बना कर चलना चाहती हूं। अब आप कह सकते हैं कि बिपाशा को फिल्में नहीं मिल रही हैं, पर इससे मुझे कुछ फर्क नहीं पड़ता।’ लगता है पूरी तरह से हार कर खेल से बाहर होने से पहले ही बिपाशा अपना ट्रैक बदल लेना चाहती हैं।
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एक्टिंग देखो, मोटापा नहीं

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कुछ भी और कहने से पहले 1986 में आयी फिरोज खान की फिल्म ‘जांबाज’ का एक सीन याद आ रहा है। सीन में पिता (अमरीश पुरी) और बेटे (अनिल कपूर) की गुफ्तगू चल रही है। पिता अपने जमाने की लड़कियों को याद करते हुए कह रहा है- ‘बेटा लड़कियां तो हमारे जमाने में होती थीं, जो फल भी देती थीं और फूल भी।’
पिता का इशारा अपने जमाने की लड़कियों की ओर था, जो शरीर से हृष्ट-पुष्ट, चुस्त-तंदुरुस्त हुआ करती थीं। इसमें उस बेटे के दौर की लड़कियों पर कटाक्ष भी था, जो अपना सारा समय बस खुद को सजाने-संवारने और दुबला रखने में बिताया करती थीं। ढाई दशक से ज्यादा पुरानी इस फिल्म से लेकर अब तक फिल्म इंडस्ट्री तो पूरी तरह से बदल गयी है, लेकिन हीरोइनों के मोटापे या बढ़ते वजन पर उंगलियां उठनी बंद नहीं हुई हैं।
ताजा केस अभिनेत्री सोनाक्षी सिन्हा और परिणीति चोपड़ा का है। दोनों आज जिस सफलता की पायदान पर हैं, उसे नए सिरे से बयां करने की जरूरत नहीं है, लेकिन आये दिन इन दोनों अभिनेत्रियों को अपने वजन के बारे में सफाई देनी पड़ती है। वैसे इस लिस्ट में अभिनेत्री हुमा कुरैशी भी हैं और अभिनेत्री विद्या बालन को तो अपने बढ़ते वजन की वजह से न जाने क्या-क्या सुनना पड़ा है। पहले देखते हैं कि परिणीति चोपड़ा इस बारे में क्या कहती हैं।
खाती हूं, पीती हूं, मस्त रहती हूं...आपकी पिछली फिल्म के दौरान तो आपका वजन काफी बढ़ गया होगा? इस पर परिणीति ने कहा- ‘तो क्या हुआ! खाती हूं, पीती हूं और मस्त रहती हूं। भूखे रह कर, खुद को मार-मार कर मैं अपना वजन कम नहीं कर सकती। ये मुझसे न हुआ है और न आगे होगा। भई अपन तो जैसे हैं, वैसे ही रहेंगे।’
परिणीति के अंदाज में ये बिंदासपन ऐसे ही नहीं आया। दरअसल ‘लेडीज वर्सेज रिक्की बहल’ से ही उन्हें अपने बढ़ते वजन को लेकर यशराज बैनर से हिदायतें मिलनी शुरू हो गई थीं। बाद में भी उनकी फिल्मों के निर्देशक उन्हें समय-समय पर चेताते रहे। पर परिणीति की लाख कोशिशों के बावजूद उनका वजन उस तरह से नियंत्रित न हो सका, जैसा कि उनके साथ की अभिनेत्रियों का था। पर इस बीच अच्छी बात यह हुई कि उनके इस बढ़ते वजन की वजह से उनकी फिल्मों को कोई नुकसान नहीं हुआ।
कोशिश जारी हैपिछले दिनों परिणीति एक कार्यक्रम में आयी थीं, जिसमें उन्होंने एक स्लीवलेस शॉर्ट ड्रेस पहनी थी। इस ड्रेस में उन्हें देख कोई भी उन्हें मोटी या गोलू-मोलू एक्ट्रेस ही कहता। पर परिणीति आगे कहती हैं, ‘देखिए, अपने फेवरिट खान-पान को देख कर मुझसे बिलकुल भी रहा नहीं जाता। पर आपको यह तो मानना ही पड़ेगा कि मैं कोशिश कर रही हूं। लेकिन इसे मीडिया राष्ट्रीय मुद्दा क्यों बना रहा है?’ गौरतलब है कि पिछले दिनों जब मीडिया ने सोनाक्षी सिन्हा के बढ़ते वजन पर कमेन्ट्स करने शुरू किये थे तो परिणीति उनके बचाव में आ गई थीं।
वजन से डर नहीं लगता साहबसाल 2010 में जब फिल्म ‘दबंग’ से सोनाक्षी सिन्हा की फिल्मों में एंट्री हुई तो लगा कि बॉस बरसों बाद कोई एक्ट्रेस आयी है, जिस पर कपड़े फिट नजर आते हैं। जो सलवार-सूट और साड़ी में जमती है। जिसकी फिगर पुरानी हीरोइनों की याद दिलाती है। जो हट्टे-कट्टे हीरो के साथ जमती है। इसके बाद ‘राउडी राठौड़, ‘जोकर’, ‘सन ऑफ सरदार’, ‘दबंग 2’, ‘लुटेरा’ जैसी फिल्मों से उनका स्टारडम और मजबूत हुआ। सब जानते हैं कि फिल्मों में आने से पहले सोनाक्षी सिन्हा ने अपने मोटापे के साथ एक मुश्किल जंग लड़ी थी। वैसे तो स्टार किड्स के लिए वजन बढ़ाना और घटाना कोई मुश्किल काम नहीं होता। उनकी इस प्रक्रिया के पीछे पूरी टीम काम करती है। पर सोनाक्षी ने सलमान के कहने पर न केवल अपना वजन कम किया, बल्कि खुद को साबित भी किया। पर मीडिया हमेशा सोनाक्षी के वजन के पीछे पड़ा रहा।
पिछले साल फिल्म ‘लुटेरा’ के दौरान सोनाक्षी से मुलाकात हुई थी। लाइट लेमन रंग के सलवार-सूट में वो एक एक्ट्रेस न लग कर बेहद शालीन सी लड़की लग रही थीं। अमूमन अपनी नई फिल्म के प्रचार के वक्त तारिकाएं बड़े नानी मम्मी संग चाचा या मामा के घर के लिए निकली हैं। सोनाक्षी का ये सादा और सहज अंदाज ही उनकी पहचान बन गया है, जिसके बीच में उनका वजन कहां से आ गया!
अब क्या हड्डी हो जाऊं...पिछले दिनों जब मीडिया में फिर से सोनाक्षी सिन्हा के वजन के बारे में बातें उठीं तो उन्होंने इन्स्टाग्राम पर एक फोटो पोस्ट की, जिसमें एक कंकाल नजर आ रहा था। इस फोटो के जरिये सोनाक्षी यही कहना चाह रही थीं कि क्या अब मैं इस कंकाल की तरह हो जाऊं? देखा जाए तो बढ़ते वजन वाली बात पर मीडिया ने परिणीति से ज्यादा सोनाक्षी को परेशान किया है, लेकिन उन्होंने हर बार केवल अपनी बात रखी है। कभी तैश में आकर कोई सनसनीखेज बयान नहीं दिया। लेकिन इस बार जब बातें उठीं तो उनसे रहा नहीं गया।
इन पर तो कभी नहीं उठी कोई उंगली...आजकल के नौजवान अगर किसी पुरानी फिल्म में अभिनेत्री वैजयंतीमाला को देखेंगे तो कहेंगे कि देखो उस जमाने में कैसी मोटी हीरोइनें हुआ करती थीं।
पर ये भी सच है कि वैजयंतीमाला या उस जमाने की ज्यादातर अभिनेत्रियां डील-डौल के हिसाब से ऐसी ही हुआ करती थीं। तब न तो साइज जीरो का बोलबाला था, न ही मॉडल कट फिगर बनाने का जुनून। उस जमाने में ऐसी फिगर वाली हीरोइनें एक तरह से आदर्श मानी जाती थीं।
पर आज इसी तरह के वजन वाली अभिनेत्रियों को निशाना बनाया जाता है। सोनाक्षी सिन्हा के बहुतेरे फैन्स उनकी तुलना सत्तर-अस्सी के दशक की नायिका रीना राय से करते हैं। न केवल नैन-नक्श के हिसाब से, बल्कि फिगर के लिहाज से भी सोनाक्षी रीना राय की कार्बन कॉपी लगती हैं। जानकार बताते हैं कि उस दौर में कभी रीना राय के वजन को लेकर किसी ने टिप्पणी नहीं की।
कुछ और एक्ट्रेसेज की बात करें तो हेमा मालिनी मोटी न सही, लेकिन गोलू-मोलू एक्ट्रेस के रूप में जानी जाती थीं। उन पर उनका वजन फबता था। या ये कहिये कि वह उसे अपने व्यक्तित्व के अनुसार ठीक ढंग से कैरी कर लेती थीं। यही हाल विद्या सिन्हा, मौसमी चटर्जी, मुमताज, माला सिन्हा, गीता बाली सहित तमाम अभिनेत्रियों का रहा।
लेकिन उन तमाम तारिकाओं के बढ़ते वजन पर इस तरह से शायद ही कभी मीडिया ने हमला किया हो। कई बार लगता है कि इस तरह की बातें केवल खुद का नाम चमकाने के लिए उछाली जाती हैं।
SOURCE - livehindustan

Dia Mirza strikes a pose with hubby-to-be Sahil Sangha!

The image has a gorgeous looking Dia with her fiance Sahil posing for the photogs ahead of the mehendi ceremony. (Source: Twitter)
Written by Sonal Gera , Edited by Sarika Sharma | New Delhi | Posted: October 17, 2014 10:39 am | Updated: October 17, 2014 11:54 am

Bollywood actress and former beauty queen Dia Mirza is just a few days from her wedding and she has been posting updating her fans about the beautiful moments from her wedding rituals on Twitter. After posting the news about her mehendi ceremony, (Read: ‘Mehendi Hai Rachne Waali’ – Dia Mirza’s mehendi ceremony today ) she, last night, took to the microblogging site to share her ‘happiness’ and gratitude with us.

The image has a gorgeous looking Dia Mirza with her fiance Sahil Sangha posing for the photogs ahead of the mehendi ceremony. Dia wore a golden yellow ankle length anarkali suit embroidered with gold by Ritu Kumar, while Sahil accompanied her with a maroon red kurta. The couple looked much in love.
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Must Watch Movie Mary Kom

Cast: Priyanka Chopra, Darshan Kumar, Sunil Thapa

Direction: Omung Kumar

Rating: ****

First things first, loud applause for debutant director Omung Kumar – attempting a biopic on a boxing champion most of us had never heard of before her Summer Olympics bronze medal is worth plaudits.

Then again, you can see why Kumar chose Kom as his subject – her life reads like a film script, complete with early struggles, hard-won victories, personal conflicts, hard training, amazing comeback. The nuts and bolts of the story exist in Kom’s life, but it still needs a competent director to pull it all together into a cohesive narrative, and to his credit Kumar accomplishes that.

Priyanka Chopra plays Kom – and a large part of her performance relates to the science and art of boxing. Was the actress doing it right? Were her foot movements correct? Was her guard right? Did she carry off the one-two punches properly? I can’t vouch for any of that; I don’t watch boxing. What I can vouch for is that I found it impossible to take my eye off the screen: the story was paced right, the characters were convincing, Chopra played the protagonist to perfection, and it struck a chord in me.

The storyline is fairly linear. Mary Kom (Priyanka Chopra) is mercurial and impulsive; passion drives her to take to boxing. She is also a woman, and as a woman she falls in love, finds herself pregnant just when she can least afford to be, wants to be a mother but is also disappointed that motherhood is running her fitness and ability to box. And finally, she is a brave fighter who, rather than buckle under to the inevitable, trains twice as hard to make an impossible comeback, even as she struggles to fulfill the responsibilities of a mother.

It is this human side that adds weight to the story. Some onscreen moments stay with you - the feisty no-nonsense fighter blowing kisses to her new husband as he scores a goal on the football field; an anxious new mom’s reluctance as she keeps coming back to say goodbye to her twins before she leaves for her first professional trip; opportunist and vindictive federation officials in India who make it impossible for real sports talent to make it big.

Comparison with recent successful sports films like ‘Chak De’ and ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’ are inevitable. And ‘Mary Kom’ is definitely in the same league – the songs, the emotions never interfere with the compact narrative.

I might be nitpicking here but the only cringe-worthy moment in this almost flawless story is the blatant product placement of Sugar Free and Iodex which, if it had to be done, could have been done far more subtly. Also, the twins seem to be hardly growing during the entire period that Mary Kom decides to return to professional boxing, trains and manages to win a medal.

These are however, minor blemishes. Omung Kumar’s ‘Mary Kom’ played commendably by Priyanka Chopra, gives us plenty to root for. Priyanka comes across as a natural in this role, as if she has never been anything but a boxer. You can’t help but smile when she compares herself to a cow, tired of continuously breastfeeding her newborns. Her acting is so convincing you end up rooting for her – just like the real life Mary Kom made even manipulative government officials rise to acknowledge her.

In the final scene, when I stood for the national anthem, I was moist-eyed with tears of pride, joy and vindication. If this film can evoke so many emotions, it is definitely a must watch.

Priyanka Chopra's Mary Kom declared tax-free in Maharashtra

Viacom18 Motion Pictures and Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Mary Kom starring Priyanka Chopra as the 5-time world champion and olympic medalist, Mary Kom has been declared tax-free.

Commenting on the development, Ajit Andhare, COO, Viacom18 Motion Pictures said, “Mary Kom celebrates a national hero, who as we speak is still competing to bring laurels to the country. We are grateful to the Revenue Minister BalaSaheb Thorat and government of state of Maharashtra for lending their support to the film. This exemption right from release day will allow large segments of society to experience the spirit of Magnificent Mary.”

Confirming the news Sanjay Leela Bhansali's spokesperson said, "Yes,Mary Kom has been declared tax-free by the government. The biopic is a tribute to the Indian icon, Mary Kom's life and hence the tax free status will encourage audiences to recognize and support the spirit of the film".

Talking about the new development, Priyanka Chopra who considers herself lucky to be a part of the project says, "It's a wonderful news. We have a compelling story to tell of a strong, determined woman who has done the nation proud. We can only hope that this will provide an impetus for more people to come to watch this story and be inspired. It's our tribute to all the unsung sportspeople who give so much to see the Indian flag flying high. If this can act as a catalyst of hope for them, then it's something we can all be proud of."

Based on the true story of Mary Kom, this biopic reflects the journey of a woman boxer who gave up her sporting career when it was at its peak to embrace the joy of motherhood. But eventually, the world forgot Boxer Mary Kom but she never forgot her passion for boxing. After giving birth to two beautiful children, she made her comeback in the ring and went on to become both a stronger woman and a stronger boxer.

Akshay Kumar’s ‘first association’ with Karan Johar

Akshay Kumar’s ‘first association’ with Karan Johar

Mumbai: We have hardly seen Akshay Kumar working with banners that are touted as one of the best in the industry. The actor, who was on Karan Johar’s talk show ‘Koffee with Karan’ was quite vocal about the film offers he was initially showered with and how big banners never approached him.

Karan Johar may have finally found an ideal script to cast the Khiladisuperstar. KJo took to Twitter on Thursday evening to announce his next and first-ever with Akshay.

The hunk of an actor too confirmed the news on Twitter by tagging ‘Brothers’as his “first association” with Johar.

Akki, who had no Godfather to guide him, is indeed a self-made personality. He has reached thus far, all by his own hard work and dedication. And for this, he deserves a wolf-whistle! So are fans of Akki looking forward to seeing him in a KJo flick?
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Salman Khan Finally Says 'Will Never Marry'

Finally, Salman Khan has announced that he might never marry and will continue his life like he is living now. In a recent talk show, actor Salman Khan talked about his marriage and work plans and the star was sporting enough to tell everything frankly. While, Salman Khan's love affairs and his marriage plans have always been hot topics, the actor now stated that he might always be single. Salman Khan who is trending now for his latest release Kick, said that he would prefer to invest his time more towards social work through the initiative ‘Being Human', instead of getting married. The Kick actor added that he is planning to expand the activities of ‘Being Human' for the welfare of children. Regarding his work plans, Salman Khan clearly said that he has neither interest in politics nor in film direction and will keep his acting career going. Well, as Salman says in his latest film "No life is worth without a kick', we suppose marriage is not something that gives Sallu Bhai a ‘kick'.

Kick Movie Review

Cast:Salman Khan, Jacqueline Fernandez, Randeep Hooda, Nawazuddin Siddiqui 
Director: Sajid Nadiadwala 


To give the Devil his due, Kick isn’t half as bad as some of the Bollywood flicks that moviegoers have been subjected to in recent months. 

Kick is the Sajid Nadiadwala's debut as a director. Sajid is a seasoned producer of money-spinning potboilers. It is no different from the films that his banner usually bankrolls. 

Kick revels in excess, which, for a film of its kind, is not necessarily a drawback. It dishes out everything in abundance. 

Eye-catching foreign locations, elaborately mounted action sequences, flashy pyrotechnics and stunts straight out of Hollywood superhero movies, song and dance routines bunged in randomly for occasional relief and loads of Dabangg-style dialoguebaazi are all par for the course here. 

Take it or lump it. Kick delivers enough harmless lowbrow entertainment not to be dismissed as a complete waste of time for its target audience: the diehard fan of Salman Khan.

It is another matter that the screenplay, which is credited to a quartet of writers, including Chetan Bhagat, is a messy mish-mash that swims in layers of nothingness.

There is one thought that repeatedly flashes across this critic’s mind as sajid peddles his ware over a runtime of two and a half hours. Has our tolerance threshold been so dramatically raised by monstrosities of the Humshakals kind that Kick resembles a solid hit out of the park?

Or is it simply that one has such low expectations these days from star-driven movies that are pitched as surefire blockbusters that even a half decent action flick acquires the looks of a possible breakthrough?

No matter what conclusion one eventually draws, this over-the-top thriller about a messianic superhero (Salman Khan), a never-say-die super cop (Randeep Hooda) and a sniffing, smirking, scowling baddie (Nawazuddin Siddiqui in his first major mainstream movie outing) caught in a convoluted cat-and-mouse game that stretches from Delhi to Warsaw is pedestrian without being outright abysmal. 

The male protagonist, Chandni Chowk lad Devi Lal Singh, Devi to friends, is an altruistic and infallible rabble-rouser who seeks a kick from risky encounters.

Life has no meaning for the guy unless it is packed with drama, tension and action at every turn. 
Devi ensures the wedding of an intransigent lady MLA’s daughter (Sumona Chakravarti) with his Gujju childhood buddy (Kavin Dave).

Minutes later, he turns up at an eatery and reduces a bunch of eve-teasers to pulp after delivering a sermon to the other guests aimed at shaming them for doing nothing to save the girl in distress.
A psychiatrist, Shaina Mehra (Jacqueline Fernandez), a diplomat’s daughter who has winged it to Delhi purportedly for the wedding, is witness to Devi’s serial acts of heroism.

Predictably, she falls in love with the man despite listing him in her smartphone as “Headache”.
The hero has a dad (Mithun Chakraborty) and mom (Archana Puran Singh, seen in a single scene) who are as prone to obstreperous dramatics as him.

The ‘headache’ spreads quickly. It first affects Shaina’s dad (Saurabh Shukla), whose blood pressure shoots up to nearly fatal levels.

Then, as the plot progresses and thickens, the source of the headache becomes a prestige issue for upright police officer Himanshu Tyagi, a man who takes pride in his unblemished track record.

The third pillar of the film is an exploitative healthcare company owner Shiv Gajra, who uses his snazzy hospitals to squeeze people dry.

He makes his first appearance a little into the second half and comes up against the same masked Robin Hood that the cop is on the trail of.

The disguised crime-buster is obviously on a mission and he has to contend with both the law and the outlaw. If only he knew how to deal with a patchy screenplay his task would have been much simpler. 
On the acting front, there are three distinct styles on show in Kick.

The first is the Salman Khan style, in which the actor is regarded as truly successful only if he can overshadow the character he is playing. 

Does he pull it off? Salman is good at playing Salman. He does it again with aplomb. 

The second variety is the one that Randeep Hooda demonstrates. A talented actor, he knows his chops, and does not an ounce more than is needed in a film like Kick. He is none the worse for it.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui, despite being saddled with a weakly written character, shows blinding flashes of brilliance.

One expects the extraordinary from Kick only when Nawazuddin is on the screen. It is unfortunate for both the film and the audience that he isn’t on the screen often enough or long enough. 

Kick provides a kick only sporadically. For Salman Khan fans, that should be good enough.

Salman Khan teams up with Chhota Bheem for Kick

Superstar Salman Khan and director Sajid Nadiadwala are eagerly awaiting the Friday release of Kickand with Eid being Salman's lucky period, trade analysts have already predicted it to be a blockbuster. However, Salman is not being over-confident about the film and since the trailer release, he has been constantly promoting the film.

Now in order to attract the teens and kid fans, Salman has decided to join hands with the popular show 'Chhota Bheem' to boost up the entertainment quotient and to provide an action-filled experience. The team of Kick has collaborated with the popular kids channel POGO and they have decided to release a special presentation titled 'Bheem Aur Salman Ki Kick' for the TV viewing audience in a bid to promote the film. The 90 minute show will air on July 27, Sunday. While the presentation will have some hard core action punches of Salman, it will also reveal some new episodes of Chhota Bheem. As the two will be seen in engaged in a strong physical combat, the kids will also get a glimpse of Salman's stunts from his film Kick. However, this is not the first time Salman has promoted Kick on television. Previously, the actor has made appearances in reality shows like Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa and even the crime based fiction series CID. 

Salman Khan plays the character named 'Devil' in the film. Being Sajid Nadiadwala's directorial debut,Kick is also said to have high octane action that has been performed by Salman without a body double. Apart from Himesh Reshammiya composing music, Kick also has Salman crooning to the romantic number 'Hangover'. 

Kick will feature the Salman-Jacqueline pairing for the first time and also stars Randeep Hooda, Nawazuddin Siddiqui in prominent roles. Produced by Sajid Nadiadwala and UTV-Disney, the film is slated to release on July 25.
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Is Aamir Khan playing a drunkard in P.K.?

Amir lot of speculation around the title of the Rajkumar Hirani's P.K., the actual plot of the film seems to be out in the open. 
Aamir Khan starrer P.K. has been creating a lot of confusion over the title change. The film's title Peekay was changed to only two initials P.K. which seems to be the initials of a person's name.

The reason behind the name change seems to be simple. The makers did not want to give away the plot of the film as the first title suggested the film is about a drunkard which is supposed to be played by Aamir. 

According to the rumours, Raju wanted to keep the mystery around the film so he decided to camouflage it by changing the name of the film. 

After the success of the film 3 Idiots, Aamir Khan and Rajkumar Hirani have collaborated for the second time for the film set to release on December 19 this year.
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Amitabh Bachchan reveals first look for his film 'Shamitabh'

Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan has revealed the first look of his new film Shamitabh, directed by R Balki on Twitter. Well, to be fair, it's not much for the look of a film since all you can see in the photo is Amitabh Bachchan slouching on a chair. He has a beard uncannily similar to the one he had in Khuda Gawah and a scraggly mop of hair.

You also can't help but notice what looks like a black and white photo of Woody Allen in the background and a picture of the cover for HG Wells' War of The Worlds as well. Oh and on the right hand side, you can see Hannibal Lecter's famous quote, "A census taker once tried to test me. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti." Though all you can see is the words " I ate his liver and fava beans."

If you are wondering what the word Shamitabh means, Bachchan has himself declared that it means nothing. He had tweeted out earlier, "#SHAMITABH ... THE TITLE OF MY NEW FILM WITH R BALKI.No.. the title #SHAMITABH does not have a particular meaning .. the reason for the name will be found in the film .. !!"

Image via Amitabh Bachchan's Twitter account.

This is Bachchan's third film with R Balki. The two had earlier teamed up for Cheeni Kum and Paa. Shamitabh will also see the debut of veteran actor Kamal Haasan's younger daughter Akshara Haasan. The film also stars Dhanush.

Bachchan also posted about the look of the film on his blog. He wrote, "...that be the pensiveness from 'Shamitabh'... It is getting exceedingly difficult to preserve a look for a film or occasion when we have millions of mobile cameras following us and immortalising us... Thank you."

Check out Bachchan's tweets below:
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‘Gopala Gopala’ First Look Out on Krishna Janmashtami

Pawan Kalyan

Chennai — If all goes as planned, the first-look poster of the Telugu remake of Bollywood film "OMG: Oh My God," titled "Gopala Gopala," will be unveiled on the occasion of Krishna Janmashtami on Aug. 16.

The film is likely to hit theaters during Sankranti next year.

"Since the film features Lord Krishna in a prominent role, the makers believe releasing the first look on the auspicious day of Krishna Janmashtami will be a good sentiment. Nothing has been finalized yet, but the plan is to release it on Aug. 16," revealed a source from the film's unit.

Directed by Kishore Kumar Pardasany, the remake features Daggubati Venkatesh and Pawan Kalyan in the roles originally played by Paresh Rawal and Akshay Kumar, respectively.

Shriya Saran and Mithun Chakraborty will be seen essaying important roles.
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First look of Priyanka, Ranveer and Farhan starrer Dil Dhadakne Do

Mumbai: The official look of Zoya Akhtar's multi-starrer Dil Dhadkne do is out today. Farhan Akhtar, Priyanka Chopra, Anushka Sharma, Ranveer Singh and Anil Kapoor shared the poster of the film on Twitter.

In the poster, they are seen relaxing on a cruise deck. "Yes, its a special cast indeed! You could even say that it's a 'JHA-CAST' !; Anil Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Anushka Sharma, Farhan Akhtar," Ranvir tweeted. Whereas Anushka tweeted, "Here it is! The awesome cast of #DilDhadakneDo."
Priyanka, who is sporting a tube top and white trouser in the poster, asked her fans to give their feedback. "A day of revelations... First Mary Komtrailer and now Dil Dhadakne Do poster! Tell me what you think!," she wrote.

The plot of the film revolves around a dysfunctional Punjabi family on a cruise trip. Shooting of the film's first schedule began on 17 May 17. The cast and crew filmed on a cruise deck throughout Europe, specifically in France, Spain, Tunisia and Italy for a month.
The film's last schedule will be shot in Mumbai.

Dil Dhadakne Do' is directed by Zoya Akhtar and produced by Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar. It is scheduled to release on 5 June, 2015.

Femina Miss India 2014 winners dazzle at Shree Raj Mahal Jewellers India Couture Week, in Delhi

(L-R) fbb Femina Miss India 2014 winners Jhataleka Malhotra (first runner-up), Koyal Rana (fbb Femina Miss India World 2014) and Gail DaSilva (second runner-up) at the Shree Raj Mahal Jewellers show

Swirling chilli red lehengas and glittering jewels with two sparkling, dusky showstoppers - body beautiful Bipasha Basu and Chitrangda Singh - gave a glittering end to the Shree Raj Mahal Jewellers India Couture Week in association with Logix group, presented by FDCI.

To the notes of Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend, immortalised by the buxom Marilyn Monroe in the 1953 film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, models who were front runners in the fashion business - from the lithe Aditi Gowitrikar to the dishy Muzammil Ibrahim - took the catwalk by the proverbial storm. The blingy diamond necklaces and emerald and ruby-studded earrings, along with elaborate gold chokers, displayed their fortitude against black sequinned gowns.

Then came the three-tiered ostentatious pearl necklaces worn with aplomb, teamed up with diamond hair jewellery and polki headturners, which were part of the Svara and Sondarya collection, in a show titled 'Parinay'.

The stunning, folding chandelier-laden set, conceptualised by Sumant Jaikrishnan, stole the show, as Sufi touches were added with Urdu verses to create an uber chic setting.

It was a fitting finale which had all the makings of an evening to remember, as it had the ingredients of mystique, brilliant jewels and statuesque models in couture's finest offerings.
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Pawan Kalyan to play Krishna in Telugu remake of Oh My God

Actor Pawan Kalyan, who plays Lord Krishna in the Telugu remake of OMG: Oh My God titled Gopala Gopala, will be seen for 25 minutes in the film. He has already started shooting for the film.

While Pawan will be reprising Akshay Kumar's role from the original, actor Daggubati Venkatesh will step into the shoes of Paresh Rawal.

"Pawan started shooting from yesterday (Monday). His role is limited to 25 minutes in the film, but the scenes featuring him will be a laugh riot. Scenes between him and Venkatesh will definitely be loved by the audiences," said the film's director Kishore Kumar.

Venkatesh said he's excited to be sharing screen space with Pawan.

"I'm really looking forward to Gopala Gopala. Pawan and I are working together for the first time and I'm as excited about it as our fans. Both of us have some wonderful dialogues and I'm sure audiences are going to love it," Venkatesh had said earlier.

The film, which is expected to hit theatres during Sankranti 2015, also features Shriya Saran, Mithun Chakraborty and Murli Sharma in important roles. 
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Khoobsurat trailer: Sonam Kapoor's spin on Rekha's film

Sonam Kapoor

After the very stylish 'Aisha', Sonam Kapoor and Anil Kapoor Films Company Pvt. Ltd. are back for round two with 'Khoobsurat'. Although, she failed to create any magic in 'Bewakoofiyaan', Sonam is back hopefully with a bang with this movie. 

A remake of Hrishkesh Mukherjee's 'Khubsoorat' starring Rekha and Rakesh Roshan, the new version is directed by Shashank Ghosh and produced by Sonam's sister Rhea and father Anil Kapoor along with UTV.

The extremely strict Dina Pathak's family has been switched with a royal family in the film that has Dina Pathak's daughter Ratna Pathak as the matriarch. Pakistani actor Fawad Afzal Khan makes his debut opposite the spirited and zippy physiotherapist, Sonam Kapoor.

READ: Films to watch out for in 2014!

Actor turned politician Kirron Kher will be seen playing Sonam's mother in the film. From what the trailer suggests, the film promises to be a fun ride.

'Khoobsurat' will hit cinema screens on September 19.

WATCH: The trailer of Sonam Kapoor's film 'Khoobsurat' here 
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'Everything is for TRPs' - Salman Khan gives back to media photographers

At a recent ‘Kick event', Salman Khan gave back at media photographers... Giving his piece of mind on the recent issue of cameramen boycotting him, Salman lashed out saying that "We (actors) are not here because of the photographers. It's their (cameramen's) perception.

According to the ‘Dabangg’ superstar, all these (hype) are for the sake of TRPs.

It all started during a music event of ‘Kick’ last week, where the actor failed to pose for the photographers. It was also alleged that the actor and his security guards misbehaved with some media persons. Following this, the cameramen sought to boycott Salman Khan till his film ‘Kick’ releases on 25th July. The situation worsened when Salman brushed the whole issue episode lightly. While media blamed it on the star’s attitude, some celebrities took Salman’s side saying that photographers sometimes get too close and rough with actors at event.
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Pics: Ranbir Kapoor wants to wed girlfriend Katrina Kaif soon

Is that what Katrina Kaif asked Ranbir Kapoor as her birthday gift? Ranbir has stated that marriage will happen sometime soon. Although both the Bollywood stars have remained tight-lipped about their rumored affair, but it is common knowledge in Bollywood circles that both the young actors are dating each other. They might not admit it but on numerous occasions have the couple been clicked together. Especially the image captured of the couple holidaying in Ibiza, Spain in which Katrina can be seen in a bikini frolicking around with Ranbir. Recently he was questioned about his marriage plans and his reply left a lot of tongues wagging. "Hopefully marriage will happen sometime soon. In fact, I am also getting old as I am already 31," Ranbir stated in reply to the question.
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Parineeti Chopra on Working With Khans: I was Misquoted

Parineeti has clarified and said that her statement has been blown out of proportion.
Actress Parineeti Chopra was recently reported to have said in an interview to a magazine that she is not working with the Bollywood Khans - Salman, Shah Rukh and Aamir - because she would have nothing to do in the film.

However, the four-film old actress has clarified and said that her statement has been blown out of proportion. 

"I would just like to clarify a bit on that (what I said in that interview). That comment was blown out of proportion. It was an answer to a question that I was asked," Parineeti told reporters here on Thursday at the launch of Yash Raj's fashion store Diva'ni. 

"I was asked if I was offered a film with senior actors. To that I answered, 'Yes, I have been offered those films but I didn't have much to do, so I did chose not to do'. I did not specifically take anybody's name," she added. 

Parineeti, who made her acting debut with Ladies vs Ricky Bahl in 2011, feels it is not wise to make such an insensitive statement. 

The 25-year-old said: "I am too new an actor to do something like that. I think it is a very insensitive thing to say if any actor says that."

"I will never talk about the films that I am not a part of. I will only talk about the films that I am confirmed to be a part of. So it was not entirely a true statement. I think it was unfair for the publication to quote me in the wrong way," she added. 

So far, she has worked with young actors only, be it Arjun Kapoor, Sidharth Malhotra, Ranveer Singh or Sushant Singh Rajput. 

Her next films are Daawat-e-Ishq and Kill Dil, in which she is again working with young actors like Aditya Roy Kapoor, Ranveer and Ali Zafar, respectively.

Salman, Katrina back as an on-screen couple? पर्दे पर फिर हमजोली करेंगे सलमान-कटरीना?

According to the latest grapevine, Katrina Kaif will star in a special song for Salman Khan’s forthcoming movie, ‘Kick’. Kat has been approached by the film producer Sajid Nadiadwala to groove in the special number and it is believed that the diva has also accepted the offer. The good news is that Katrina Kaif will be seen alongside Salman Khan shaking her legs after a long gap.

After breaking-up, the duo maintained a cordial relationship and came together for Kabir Khan’s blockbuster ‘Ek Tha Tiger’. The film turned out to be a duper-super hit but Salman and Katrina did not sign any film together after ‘Ek Tha Tiger’.

There has been no any formal announcement of Katrina being part of the upcoming movie‘Kick’ as Sallu is yet to give his nod. The song is said to be a part of the movie promotion and will be a special attraction.

Apart from Salman Khan, ‘Kick’ stars Jacqueline Fernandez, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Mithun Chakravarty and Randeep Hooda in the pivotal role.

Salman and Katrina’s jodi always lure the audience and their comeback will surely take the silver screen by storm.
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Did you know: R Balki's next with Amitabh is called Shamitabh

Film-maker R Balki has chosen a rather interesting title for his next directorial. The film, starring Amitabh Bachchan in the lead, is called Shamitabh.
Big B listens to the media. (AFP Photo)

"We are happy to announce that the film is titled Shamitabh. We are halfway through the shoot of the film, so I will finish that and then talk more about it. Right now, I’m enjoying watching the lethal combo of the intensity of Amitabh Bachchan, the intelligence of Dhanush, and the innocence of Akshara (Haasan)" says Balki, whose last two directorials, Cheeni Kum (2007) and Paa (2009), also featured Bachchan in lead.

The film marks the debut of south superstar Kamal Haasan’s younger daughter, Akshara.

Earlier on Thursday, Bachchan hinted on Twitter that his film will boast of a 'unique' title. "Shall be disclosing name of R Balki film .. do log in .. it is quite unique and different !! 
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Subhash Ghai launches Tula Goenka's book 'Not Just Bollywood'

Subhash Ghai launches Tula Goenka's book 'Not Just Bollywood'

Subhash Ghai was spotted launching Tula Goenka's book 'Not Just Bollywood' in Mumbai. At the event, he seemed very impressed with the new book.

"I am very happy that today this book has been launched, which is about 28 directors, written by Tula Goenka Ji. She interviewed all of us. Whatever we have told, she has written it exactly. If you want to know that what directors feel about their films or how are they made or what they think while making a film, then do read her book," he said.
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When no one wanted to be clicked with Big B

While shooting for R. Balki’s Shamitabh, Amitabh Bahchcan decided to visit a school in Ooty but shockingly no photographs were clicked at the event. Read on to find out why…

Amitabh Bachchan is busy shooting with Dhanush for R. Balki’s upcoming film but the actor found some time out from his busy schedule to visit a the Founder’s Day function organised at the Lawrence School in Lovedale, Ooty. When Sr Bachchan found out that a 3000 strong crowd would be present at the event, he dropped in a little later so that the crowd was made sparse with time.

But the crowd went nowhere; guests came back thronging to get one good look of Big B. So where are the pictures of the event you ask? There are none as the public was so star-struck to see the Bhootnath Returns actor that everybody just forgot to click pictures! Not even a customary selfie was clicked with Big B. Well, we understand that the charm exuded by Shehenshaah’s remarkable persona can overpower his fans’ senses entirely! If only there was someone at the school function to capture the expressions on Big B’s fans’ faces.
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Rani Mukerji, Pam Chopra strike the perfect saas-bahu pose 
Guess who is back? It is Rani Mukerji who has kept away from the public eye ever since her marriage to Aditya Chopra in April this year.

Rani Mukerji with her mother-in-law Pam Chopra at the launch of Diva'ni store in Mumbai on Thursday. (Photo Courtesy: Facebook)
Rani looked the perfect Indian newlywed and sported sindoor and a chuda. (Photo Courtesy: Facebook)
Rani Mukerji looked stunning in a red Sabyasachi creation. (Photo Courtesy: Facebook)
Mardaani will be Rani's first release post marriage. (Photo Courtesy: Facebook)

In her first appearance post-marriage, a resplendent-in-red Rani attended the launch of Diva'ni store in Mumbai on Thursday. She was there with her mother-in-law Pam Chopra.

She looked absolutely stunning in a red Sabyasachi creation. Rani looked the perfect Indian newlywed and sported sindoor and a chuda. Husband Aditya, known from shying away from making public appearances, stayed home.

The couple dated secretly for many years before tying the knot in a private ceremony in Italy. Only close friends and family attended this high profile wedding.

Rani plays a cop in Mardaani; the film has been directed by Pradeep Sarkar and produced by Aditya Chopra.

The film releases on August 22.
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Hrithik, Sunaina launch book on dad Rakesh Roshan

Rakesh Roshan, his wife Pinkie, and their children Sunaina and Hrithik were in Delhi in a rarely captured picture perfect moment for the launch of To Dad, With Love, a pictorial biography on the filmmaker by his daughter. She says once she worked closely with her dad, she realised that "this man needs to be written about".

Sunaina, a cancer survivor who constantly exudes a vibrant smile with a sparkle in her eyes, says it was when she worked with her father as an assistant director for "Krrish 3" that the idea of a book on the actor-filmmaker struck her.

"I saw a different side of him at work. I felt this man needs to be written about to inspire people," Sunaina, the elder of the Roshans' children, said here Monday night.

The book's foreward is written by Hrithik, and their mother Pinkie played a key role in putting the whole idea together.

Sunaina says it is his never-say-die spirit which inspires her the most, and it is his philosophy of "tough times don't last, tough people do", which kept her going when she was ill.

So, once Sunaina decided to embark on the journey of penning a book, based on a gamut of photographs from Rakesh Roshan's childhood to teenage days as well as his days as a young handsome actor, when he turned a husband, father, director and on his journey till now, she touched base with his extended family and friends secretly to get the project going.

There are about 30 people, including names like Shatrughan Sinha, Jeetendra and Rishi Kapoor, to whom Sunaina spoke to for getting the most candid information out about her father.

Sunaina said amongst all, Hrithik was the toughest to get hold of to write the foreward for the book, but when he did, he did it with all his heart.

For Rakesh Roshan, who is known for directing films like Khoon Bhari Maang, Karan Arjun, Kaho Naaa Pyaar Hai and the Krrisha franchise, it was a proud and happy moment.

On Monday, after Narendra Modi took oath as the country's 14th prime minister, here was Rakesh Roshan attending a launch of a book on himself by his daughter.

"Modi-ji ne kahaa ache din aane waale hain. Mera ache din toh aa gaya (Modi said good days lie ahead, my good day has come) - a daughter is launching a book on her father. What better day to launch it," he said on Monday.

The proud daddy said he was surprised yet proud that Sunaina managed to interview his school friends, teachers and co-actors, and has quoted them "so well" in the book, published by Om Books International.

The family heaped praise on each other's `superhero' abilities at the event, which was also attended by the Roshans' elderly family members. Rakesh and Pinkie were emotional to see them, and went out of their way to greet them.
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Happy 64th birthday, Paresh Rawal: His most popular, hilarious dialogues from 'Hera Pheri'

Over the years, Paresh Rawal has entertained us with both negative and positive characters. From 'Holi' the film with which he made his acting debut in 1984 to 'Hera Pheri' and its sequel, Paresh Rawal has several films to his credit which explain his versatility as an actor. As the actor turns 64 today, we give you a lowdown on his most popular dialogues from one of his most successful film 'Hera Pheri'.
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