We don’t need a censor board: Kalki Koechlin

Kalki Koechlin attends a screening of Bombay Velvet in Mumbai. (Yogen Shah/HT photo)

Kalki Koechlin is clear as crystal that no democracy in its right mind deserves a censor board, forget the kind that can’t do without its snip-and-chop routine. “Censorship is basically the government controlling the people, while in a democracy it should be the people controlling the government,” says the 31-year-old actor, known for her non-conformist roles that are often bold and wild.
She adds that the premise on which the Censor Board is built is in itself wrong, and that it does little to acknowledge audiences as adults with freedom of choice. “The idea of a censor board itself is wrong. The Censor Board was formed in 1951 — we’ve come a long way since then! Once you give a film an ‘A’ certificate, you don’t need to censor it. It is an adult’s choice to watch it or not. If you’re censoring things for adults, when are we going to become adults?” 

And that, she believes, is a more important concern than deliberating upon the current board management that has run into many a controversy. Her own film, the critically acclaimed Margarita With A Straw, was ordered 10 cuts before it went to the revision committee that eventually let it go with a single snip.

However, some are of the view that there’s a tad bit much drama to the film — cerebral palsy, a same-sex relationship, a mother who has cancer and eventually dies. The actor, however, defends, “I don’t feel that way. Of course it was dramatic, but in real life too, you don’t get to choose your problems. Sometimes, all of them come together. Everything happens at once. I’ve had personal experiences where a family member was suffering from cancer and at the same time, I was getting a divorce and not getting any work professionally. Problems don’t come in neat little boxes. The film is about someone who has been handed lemons and makes a margarita instead of getting bitter about it.”
Source - hindustan times


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