Rani Mukerji conducts puja at Yash Raj for well being of her baby

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Rani Mukerji might have tried to keep it private but her sister-in-law Jyoti Mukerji has already made the announcement. Yes, Rani is pregnant with her first baby. The baby is due in January. 
The first time the news broke out was when Rani was spotted taking pre-natal massages at a hotel in London. The couple were holidaying in the UK for over a month and returned to India only over a week back. Soon, they again flew off to an undisclosed location. Aditya who is turning father for the first time is taking special care of his wife and trying to give most of his time to Rani now.
But what we heard from our sources is that the week in between when Rani was in India, she conducted a special hawan at YRF for the well being of her baby. "Rani is very religious and hence the moment, she returned, she decided to have a puja in the office for the well being of her baby. She is currently in her second trimester and her medical reports are all normal," revealed an insider. 
While the couple even kept their marriage a secret, inviting only closest family members and friends, they had made an official announcement the very next day. Given that the news is already out and has now been confirmed by her sister-in-law, we wonder when Rani will announce the good news herself.


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