'Everything is for TRPs' - Salman Khan gives back to media photographers

At a recent ‘Kick event', Salman Khan gave back at media photographers... Giving his piece of mind on the recent issue of cameramen boycotting him, Salman lashed out saying that "We (actors) are not here because of the photographers. It's their (cameramen's) perception.

According to the ‘Dabangg’ superstar, all these (hype) are for the sake of TRPs.

It all started during a music event of ‘Kick’ last week, where the actor failed to pose for the photographers. It was also alleged that the actor and his security guards misbehaved with some media persons. Following this, the cameramen sought to boycott Salman Khan till his film ‘Kick’ releases on 25th July. The situation worsened when Salman brushed the whole issue episode lightly. While media blamed it on the star’s attitude, some celebrities took Salman’s side saying that photographers sometimes get too close and rough with actors at event.
Source..india glitz


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