Movie review: Alia Bhatt delivers a power-packed performance in Highway

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Imtiaz Ali's Highway is subtle, quiet, yet powerful. The film belongs to Alia Bhatt, who gives a stupendous performance in her second Bollywood film, feel the critics.

Saibal Chatterjee, NDTV
Rating: ***

Critic's take: Writer-director Imtiaz Ali has hit a road less taken. The result is a stylish two-hander that is defiantly unconventional, if not entirely satisfying.

Not all of it is convincing though. For one, the heroine’s shift from the initial pangs of fright to the ultimate sense of freedom in captivity appears arbitrarily rushed.

Moreover, the gangster’s messed-up mind is revealed only in sporadic, fuzzy snatches. 

It is established a bit facilely that crime is the bitter man’s rebellion against wrongs heaped on his mother by an abusive father and an unfeeling society.

Highway bears the unmistakable Imtiaz Ali stamp. The songs are niftily integrated into the narrative; the focus is squarely on the plot; and the female protagonist isn’t a mere object of desire.

The ever-dependable Randeep Hooda delivers a solid performance. A measure of his confidence in his craft is provided by the restraint that he brings to the characterisation, never seeking to get ahead of the plot.

Alia Bhatt is a revelation. She responds to the demands of the role with all the skill at her disposal, nailing both the vulnerability and the tenacity of a harried but spirited ingénue. - See more at:


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