What’s Salman Khan’s take on Katrina Kaif’s bikini photos?

Salman Khan has spoken in support of Katrina Kaif over the bikini photos that so very outraged the actress.

According to Salman, Katrina Kaif’s anger as expressed in the open letter she shot off to the media after the publication of her bikini photos was justified.

When a ZoOm reporter cornered Salman Khan for his take on Katrina’s photos, this is what the star had to say.

“Agar aapki tasveer, aapki maa ki, aapki behen ki aisi tasveer aye toh apko kaisa lagega? (How would you feel if your near and dear ones were snapped thus?)” Salman said, adding, “The pictures of a star’s public appearances are okay but private pictures should not be exposed by the media.”

“What happens in films is alright, but it’s not right to expose someone’s personal life,” Salman defended Katrina.

When asked his take on Katrina Kaif’s open letter to the media, Salman Khan said, “I have read that letter. It was well written.”

So that was Salman’s take on Katrina’s photos and her reaction. Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina’s current boyfriend, too revealed his take on the photos recently.

“Katrina is looking beautiful in the photos, and Ibiza (where the photos were taken) is also a beautiful place,” Ranbir Kapoor said.

With both her ex flame and current flame backing her Katrina has little to fret over.


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