Sunny Leone keeps her promise with Ragini MMS 2

After all the hype and hoopla over the year gone by, there is finally a glimpse of Ragini MMS 2 that has been revealed. Thankfully, it has all been worth it, what with the teaser ensuring that the film scores on both the vital points - 1) Sunny Leone's sex appeal and 2) Ragini MMS brand's With just the right dose that is expected out of a quintessential horror show that has a target audience of its own, Ragini MMS 2 promises to set the temperature soaring and heart stopping, all in equal measures.

It is apparent that the makers (Balaji) have kept it all very simple as far as pitching the film is concerned. The teaser follows the template of horror, sex, horror and then followed by sex in absolute proportion, hence being unpretentious in its core messaging.

So what one gets to see is a good reconnect that happens from 2011 (a good scary scene featuring Rajkumar Yadav manages to chill even now) to 2013, hence also indicating that this is a true sequel in the offering than a regular franchise product in the offering. Immediately after that there is relief (pun intended) in the proceedings with Sunny under a shower followed by, well, what-is-expected-out-of-her, hence giving audience what they expected from the very beginning.

However, the real shocker comes in the form of a horrifying scene that follows which pretty much manages to push one off the chair. Formulaic, perhaps yes, but then it is something that works. In case of Ragini MMS 2, it works big time. With so much happening at a frantic pace in those 90 odd seconds, the closure is as smooth as it gets, what with Sunny getting into a pool and offering something to a viewer in order to play around.

What exactly is the offering? Well, your guess can be pretty much expected to be bang on target. In all, a promise well kept and one now looks forward to much more exciting stuff that is on the cards in weeks to follow before the film releases in January next year.
Source...hindustan times


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