Critics' review: Gippi is a winner

Karan Johar's next is a cute feel good film. Gippi is the story of an overweight 14-year-old girl, who hates the idea of dieting! Check out some fresh stills from the upcoming drama.

Film: Gippi
Cast: Riya Vij, Divya Dutta, Taaha Shah, Doorva Tripathi, Jayati Modi
Director: Sonam Nair
Karan Johar's magic seems to be working of late. Last week his part in Bombay Talkies earned tremendous praise from critics and now his latest production Gippi too garners thumbs up.

Gippi, a story of an over-weight teenager, is a feel good film which would leave a smile in the end, feel critics.

Mayank Shekhar praises the film no end paying a compliment to producer Karan Johar. He says, "Gippy is fairly bright, emotionally intelligent, effervescent, charming even - much like the film named after her".

"Rarely do you come across an audience applauding at the end of a film at a press show. I did here. This is because this film nails it in the end. Very few do. I'm just glad the best anti-dote to a ‘Karan Johar’ film is a film produced by Karan Johar himself. This is just as it should be", adds Shekhar.

Taran Adarsh of Bollywood Hungama agrees, "This one's well done, captures the emotions sensitively and is packed with anecdotes that make this motion picture pleasurable. The issues depicted in the movie, the metamorphosis that Gippi goes through, the bitter-sweet episodes... nothing seems conventional or borrowed from films of a similar variety".While for some it totally worked, others found hiccups in the story but wasn't a thorough disappointment.Saibal Chatterjee of NDTV feels that Gippi isn't the ultimate film about adolescence. "Gippi is a feel-good drama and everything, even an overdose of clumsy preaching, is fair when the principal pursuit is happiness. Can't be good advertisement for any self-respecting school in the hills", he avers.
Coming to Riya Vij's (Gippi) acting skills, reviewers take the same stand. The newbie teenager gets into the skin of her character and she couldn't have done it better.

"Her work is utmost effortless and she is the film's wonder girl", says Mohar Basu,

Divya Dutta is a natural and stood out with her excellent performance. Gippi's best friend Anchal and Jayati Modi acted effortlessly throughout.

On technical front too Adarsh is satisfied: "Sonam, who has assisted Ayan Mukerji and Vishal Bhardwaj, seems like a proficient storyteller, for technically speaking, there are no glitches and the storytelling is devoid of hiccups as well."

In an interview with Aniruddha Guha of Timeout Mumbai, Gippi director Sonam Nair says about wielding the microphone: “What’s stressful about it? I feel like a girl in a candy store. And I love my film, irrespective of what people may think about it.”

Nair will be glad to know that most critics are willingly swaying with the happy vibe of her debut directorial venture.
Source - hindustantimes


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