Sridevi's English Vinglish goes to Germany

Gauri Shinde's English Vinglish is a film that has opened linguistic doors in its scriptural context by showing the protagonist overcoming her inhibitions regarding the English language.

But the film seems to be crossing the language barrier beyond the screenplay. We now hear English 
Vinglish is being dubbed into German and released in the country next month. 

Confirming this development, the film's producers Eros International said, "We are releasing English Vinglish (EV) in a dubbed German version in the country with 20 prints in May 2013. Not only that, this weekend EV is releasing in 7 screens in Hong Kong with Cantonese subtitles, with 29 shows a day, this is the widest opening any Indian film has ever got in HK. What's also interesting is they are also screening the film at The Directors club screen, which is like Red lounge and Hindi films are not released in these screens ideally."

Reacting to the film's release in Hong Kong with Cantonese subtitles and to the dubbed German version, Sridevi said, "I am very happy and I hope EV is dubbed and released in many other languages as it will find a sense of identification with all non-English speaking people across the world."

Adds director Gauri Shinde, "I am thrilled that our film is setting out to achieve what it tried to say within the storyline. To break the linguistic barrier, and to make a communication across countries and communities. To bring closer different people from all over the world and bridge the gap between cultures. It's great to see this movement happen. I'd love for as many people to watch it as possible."

While talking about exploring new markets Kumar Ahuja, President – Business Development, Eros International says, “In the last one year, we have had some major releases in Japan including Robot, Sivaji, Ra.One and now Om Shanti Om. In fact, Ra.One and Om Shanti Om were sold to Japan in December 2011 itself and we planned the release of these films in a phased manner with Ra. One releasing last year followed by OSO’s release which was locked a few months back. All this has taken meticulous planning and is definitely not a hasty decision on our part. Eros has been the front runner in exploring new territories for Indian films and we continue to develop new markets for our old and present releases”.
Source - hindustan times


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