A Rising Artist Dev Pandey's From Mpct College, Gwalior Performed at NIIT Rourkela

Sanjay Dutt's conviction leaves Bollywood shocked

The Supreme Court upheld Sanjay's conviction under the Arms Act for illegally possessing weapons, and sent him to five years' imprisonment.

Aamir's different avatars

There has been buzz about Aamir’s new project and if reports are to be believed he will be playing a female character in a venture that could be titled ‘Zindagi Muskuraye’.

Aamir Khan's new avatar
Men have atleast once in their life waited for a woman to get ready. As woman take all the time on the earth to look their best, our very own Aamir known to be the perfectionist that he is follows similar thoughts.

Aamir Khan is not only particular about his performance but makes sure he has the exact look that the role demands.


Sridevi's English Vinglish goes to Germany

Gauri Shinde's English Vinglish is a film that has opened linguistic doors in its scriptural context by showing the protagonist overcoming her inhibitions regarding the English language.

But the film seems to be crossing the language barrier beyond the screenplay. We now hear English 
Vinglish is being dubbed into German and released in the country next month. 

Confirming this development, the film's producers Eros International said, "We are releasing English Vinglish (EV) in a dubbed German version in the country with 20 prints in May 2013. Not only that, this weekend EV is releasing in 7 screens in Hong Kong with Cantonese subtitles, with 29 shows a day, this is the widest opening any Indian film has ever got in HK. What's also interesting is they are also screening the film at The Directors club screen, which is like Red lounge and Hindi films are not released in these screens ideally."

Sanjay Dutt: 'Hirani will direct Munna Bhai 3'

Mumbai, March 16 -- There's a new twist in Munna Bhai's life. A few days ago, the makers of the hit franchise announced that Rajkumar Hirani, who directed Munna Bhai MBBS (2003) and Lage Raho Munna Bhai (2006), would be replaced by Subhash Kapoor, of Jolly LLB fame, to direct the upcoming third part.

But now, in a surprising move, the film's lead actor Sanjay Dutt, informs us that Hirani will continue as the director of the Munna Bhai franchise.

"I am happy that it's (Munna Bhai 3) shaping up now because it had to happen ultimately. I just want to clear on one thing: Munna Bhai 3 is going to be directed by Raju Hirani. The fourth part will be done by Subhash (Kapoor)," says Sanjay, adding, "That's what I wish and want."

No further hike in railway fares and freight charges: Bansal - The Hindu

The Railways have decided to absorb the hike in diesel prices for bulk purchasers and not pass it on to passengers and freight customers.
Railway Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal on Monday ruled out any hike in freight and passenger fares in the wake of oil marketing companies raising diesel prices by Re. 1 per litre for its bulk purchasers.

In his budget proposals, Mr. Bansal raised freight charges by almost 5.79% across the board to raise Rs. 4,200 crore during 2013-14 to offset the estimated rise in its fuel bill by Rs. 5,100 crore. He passed on the entire burden on the consignors.

He, however, absorbed the estimated hike on the passenger segment of about Rs. 800 crore though he had more than made it up by raising other charges, including reservation fees and surcharge and clerkage charges and tatkal booking rates, which together are expected to yield Rs. 850 crore in the next fiscal.

The Re. 1 hike in diesel prices is expected to put an additional annual burden of Rs. 300 crore on the Railways during the next financial year.

The Railways suffered a burden of Rs. 3,300 crore due to a hike of Rs. 10.8 a litre for diesel for bulk purchasers in January.

Taking into account the hike in electricity charges, the Railways have estimated their fuel bill to go up by Rs. 5,100 crore.

The fresh hike in diesel prices will push the bill up by Rs. 5,400 crore, but Mr. Bansal told reporters that there would be no fresh hike in fare and freight prices.

The proposals he announced in Parliament need to be ratified by both Houses of Parliament and a mid-way revision would necessarily need to be first moved in Parliament.

Mr. Bansal also declared that the Ministry would review the situation to adjust the fuel component on a six monthly basis.
Source - The Hindu

भागलपुर के दादामुनि

100 years of hindi cinema

हिंदी फिल्मों के विकास में अतुल्य योगदान देने वाले स्व. अशोककुमार -जिन्हें दादामुनि भी कहा जाता था- जब छात्र थे, तो हर वर्ष अपने भाई-बहनों के साथ गर्मी की छुट्टियां नाना सतीशचंद्र बनर्जी के भागलपुर स्थित राजबाटी हवेली में ही बिताते थे। भागलपुर के प्रथम बैरिस्टर रायबहादुर राजा शिवचंद्र बनर्जी उनके परनाना थे। उनके राजसी ठाठ थे। उनके पुत्र व प्रसिद्ध जमींदार कुमार सतीशचंद्र बनर्जी उनके नाना थे।

अशोक कुमार की भतीजी व तिलकामांझी भागलपुर विश्वविद्यालय के स्नातकोत्तर मनोविज्ञान विभाग में प्रोफेसर पद पर कार्यरत डॉ. रत्ना मुखर्जी बताती हैं, अशोक कुमार की माता थीं लूना बनर्जी। 13 अक्टूबर 1911 को अशोक कुमार का जन्म राजा शिवचंद्र बनर्जी के आदमपुर स्थित भव्य राजबा

I remember feeling helpless on 26/11 attacks, says Nana Patekar

It wasn't easy to shoot this film at all, Ram Gopal Varma recalls. There were permission issues and sets to be built, but despite all that,Varma's proud of The Attacks of 26/11. "By the end of it, me and Nana (Patekar) had discussed it so many times, that there was nothing left for me to ask him," says Ramu, and with a laugh, Nana says, "He is my director, I should agree with him."


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