Love and friendship, Bollywood style

In Bollywood, nothing sells better than a heart-warming love story.Throw in a bit of friendship and we have the perfect antidote even for the most skeptical viewer and Karan Johar has been milking this formula for years, his latest offering being 'Student Of The Year'. The formula is almost always the same. Boy and girl are friends and at some point in the film, they will realize their love for each other. So here's a compilation of films with same formula but different treatment.

Maine Pyaar Kiya: Apart from the 'Friend' cap and the Kaboortar, this film has many landmark dialogues which has been plagiarised by many in different ways. One of them being 'In friendship, no sorry, no thank you'. This story of friendship blossoming into love struck a cord with the old and young alike making Salman and Bhagyashree stars overnight.

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai: This blockbuster from the Johar's stable revolves around the concept of first love and in this case, happens to be the best friend. 'Love is friendship' is one dialogue SRK mouths too often as the film goes through various twists and turns only to re-unite the couple for a happy ending.

Kal Ho Na Ho: You are in love with your best friend but she treats you like, well, as a friend. So how do you make her fall for you? Simple! get Shahrukh Khan to sing, dance and give you tips. In the film, Saif plays a bumbling friend who is in love with his best friend who in turn is in love with SRK. After much melodrama, few gay jokes and standard song and dance routine, he gets the girl. Phew!

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na: This sweet story about friends, college life and finding love with the obvious is one of the few well told stories about friendship which doesn't necessarily stick to all the cliches which Bollywood conforms to on a regular basis. This delightful film with a great ensemble cast manages to full of the most over-done concept in Bollywood. Take a bow Abbas Tyrewala!

Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai: This Indianised version of 'My Best Friend's Wedding' has Uday Chopra playing the party pooper as he goes about trying to break his best friend's wedding.Well, he doesn't have to try too hard. Unlike it's Hollywood original, this keeps up with the mass appeal and unites the lovers.

Mujhse Dosti Karoge: Simple girl loves boy. Boy loves hot girl. Both are his friends. So how can simple girl with this hot stud? By writing emails for ten years. Boy ultimately falls in love with the email writer and after the complications (read: family, hot girl falling for him etc), we are all set for a candy-floss ending.
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