Love and friendship, Bollywood style

In Bollywood, nothing sells better than a heart-warming love story.Throw in a bit of friendship and we have the perfect antidote even for the most skeptical viewer and Karan Johar has been milking this formula for years, his latest offering being 'Student Of The Year'. The formula is almost always the same. Boy and girl are friends and at some point in the film, they will realize their love for each other. So here's a compilation of films with same formula but different treatment.

Maine Pyaar Kiya: Apart from the 'Friend' cap and the Kaboortar, this film has many landmark dialogues which has been plagiarised by many in different ways. One of them being 'In friendship, no sorry, no thank you'. This story of friendship blossoming into love struck a cord with the old and young alike making Salman and Bhagyashree stars overnight.

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai: This blockbuster from the Johar's stable revolves around the concept of first love and in this case, happens to be the best friend. 'Love is friendship' is one dialogue SRK mouths too often as the film goes through various twists and turns only to re-unite the couple for a happy ending.

Kal Ho Na Ho: You are in love with your best friend but she treats you like, well, as a friend. So how do you make her fall for you? Simple! get Shahrukh Khan to sing, dance and give you tips. In the film, Saif plays a bumbling friend who is in love with his best friend who in turn is in love with SRK. After much melodrama, few gay jokes and standard song and dance routine, he gets the girl. Phew!

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na: This sweet story about friends, college life and finding love with the obvious is one of the few well told stories about friendship which doesn't necessarily stick to all the cliches which Bollywood conforms to on a regular basis. This delightful film with a great ensemble cast manages to full of the most over-done concept in Bollywood. Take a bow Abbas Tyrewala!

Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai: This Indianised version of 'My Best Friend's Wedding' has Uday Chopra playing the party pooper as he goes about trying to break his best friend's wedding.Well, he doesn't have to try too hard. Unlike it's Hollywood original, this keeps up with the mass appeal and unites the lovers.

Mujhse Dosti Karoge: Simple girl loves boy. Boy loves hot girl. Both are his friends. So how can simple girl with this hot stud? By writing emails for ten years. Boy ultimately falls in love with the email writer and after the complications (read: family, hot girl falling for him etc), we are all set for a candy-floss ending.
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Shahid learning Kannada?

Shahid Kapoor, who is currently in Mysore on a 10-day shooting schedule is reportedly making an effort to learn the local language, sources from the set reveal.

Shahid, who is shooting for the film Phata Poster Nikla Hero, overheard some of the crew members conversing in Kannada. That's when he got intrigued and summoned a crew member to know what exactly it meant.

From there on, Shahid has been keen on learning the language and has been interacting with the locals and the crew. A source adds, "Shahid has been trying to pick up basic words of Kannada and hears their diction and pronunciation carefully. He is always trying to learn new things."

The busy actor, it seems, has been on a tight schedule and has also been shooting through the night.
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At 47, I've to work hard and look better: Salman

Salman Khan turns a year older today (27th December), but the actor still manages to lure million hearts with his hot body and ever entertaining persona.

The mega star confesses that it takes more efforts to meet people's expectations and also that he has to work hard with age. "Every fan appreciates me for what I did during Maine Pyar Kiya, but that work is different than today's work. In my initial films, I had lot of innocence. Now at 47, I am expected to do ten times better work than I did at 22," said Salman.

"The older you grow the better you have to look, the harder you have to work and action and romance should happen consequently," added Salman.

Salman also claims to maintain privacy on his birthday and be away from paparazzi.
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Imran follows the footsteps of uncle Aamir

Actor Imran Khan is following in the footsteps of his uncle Aamir Khan and pasting posters of his new film " Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola" on taxis.

Imran recounts the similarity between his way and what Aamir once did.
"Twenty four years ago Aamir uncle pasted the posters of his film 'Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak'.I remember him telling the story that he and my mother were roaming around the by-lanes of Bandra and seeking the permission of rickshaw drivers to paste the posters of his film and telling them that he is the hero of the film," the 29-year-old said while promoting the film.

"Flash forward 24 years and I find myself doing the same thing. Actually in our city public transport is the most important thing whether it is rickshaw, taxis or buses, it has always been the lifeline of the city. I think it is the easiest way to communicate and reach out to the people," he added.

Directed by Vishal Bhardwaj, "Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola" also features Anushka Sharma, Pankaj Kapur and Shabana Azmi.
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Movies Review: Dabangg 2

Cast: Salman Khan, Sonakshi Sinha, Prakash Raj, Arbaaz Khan

Direction: Arbaaz Khan

Rating: ***

Arbaaz Khan knows that he owns a very successful franchise and to score big with ‘Dabangg 2’ he needed to do more than just replicate the same format. ‘Dabangg 2’ tries to deliver on its promise as much as possible and our hero indulges his fans in true Salman Khan-ishtyle.

Chulbul/Robinhood Pandey (Salman Khan) has now taken a transfer to Kanpur where goon-turned-politician Thakur Bachcha Lal (Prakash Raj) needs to be tamed. There are quite a few encounters between Chulbul and Bachcha bhaiya’s men and every time our supercop manages to beat the bad boys to a pulp in his inimitable style.

Chulbul has made peace with his stepbrother and stepfather and is a more domesticated man now. He is no longer the brash, presumptuous lover but a more romantic and understanding husband. While some of the interaction between Chulbul and his once-estranged father and brother is endearing, I somehow liked the arrogant Chulbul Pandey much better than this one.

The problem with ‘Dabangg 2’ is the same that plagues most sequels; unless there is an essentially original plot and an unpredictable twist, there is nothing new in this story. The gags, the stunts, the catch phrases, even the song placement at regular intervals give the film a very repetitive feel.

What works for the film is the fact that the length is just right and prevents the film from becoming tedious. Salman Khan is at his entertaining best as Chulbul/Robinhood Pandey.
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फिल्म सेट पर शाहिद ने किया 'ऐसा काम',बज उठीं तालियां

शाहिद कपूर फिलहाल अपनी अगली फिल्म 'फटा पोस्टर निकला हीरो' के शूटिंग में व्यस्त हैं। ये अपने काम को लेकर बेहद केन्द्रित हैं और अपना सर्वश्रेष्ठ कदम आगे रख रहे हैं।

पैक अप के बाद भी शाहिद सेट पर रुकते हैं और यूनिट के साथ बैठ कर अपने आगे के शेड्यूल पर चर्चा करते हैं। 'फटा पोस्टर निकला हीरो' की शूटिंग मुंबई के विभिन्न हिस्सों में हो रही है।

पिछले हफ्ते शाहिद एक महत्वपूर्ण दृश्य शूट कर रहे थे और वो भी बेहद भीड़ भाड़ वाली जगह में। हालांकि वहां शूट करने के लिए टीम ने वहां के प्राधाकारी से अनुमति भी ली थी फिर भी वहां पर भीड़ को संभालना बेहद मुश्किल हो रहा था और स्थिति बिगड़ रही थी। ऊपर से वहां की सडकें भी काफी पतली थी और वहां इतनी भी जगह नहीं थी वैनिटी वैन पार्क कर सकें।

शाहिद को जब इस मुद्दे के बारे में जानकारी मिली तो उन्होंने प्रोडक्शन वालों को समझदारी से काम लेने के लिए कहा और अस्थायी व्यवस्था करने का सुझाव दिया। प्रोडक्शन वालों ने पास के एक उडिपी रेस्टोरेंट के शटर बंद करवाए और उसको चेंजिंग रूम बनाया। शाहिद फिर मोटर बाईक पर स्वर होकर सेट पर पहुंचे।

शाहिद का एक लम्बा शॉट था जिसके लिए अच्छे खासे अनुभव की ज़रुरत थी ताकि परफेक्ट इमोशन दे पाएं। शाहिद ने पूरी यूनिट को चौंका दिया जब उन्होंने इस मुश्किल दृश्य को एक ही टेक में बहुत बहतरीन तरीके से दिया।

पूरी यूनिट चकित रह गयी उनके काम के प्रति निष्ठां और तैयारी देखकर और सब ने एक साथ खड़े होकर शाहिद के लिए तालियाँ बजायी।
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रणधीर कपूर अस्पताल में भर्ती, सीने में दर्द की शिकायत

बॉलीवुड अभिनेता और करीना-करिश्मा कपूर के पिता रणधीर कपूर को बीती रात बीमारी की हालत में मुंबई के ब्रीच कैंडी अस्पताल में भर्ती करवाया गया है। रणधीर को अचानक छाती में दर्द और बेचैनी की शिकायत के बाद अस्पताल लाया गया। सूत्रों के अनुसार छाती में तेज दर्द के बाद अभिनेता रणधीर कपूरी को ब्रीच कैंडी अस्पताल के आईसीयू में भर्ती करवाया गया है। फिलहाल उनकी हालत स्थिर बताई जा रही है। डॉक्टर्स की टीम उनकी सेहत पर नज़र रखे हुए हैं। उनकी हालत अब स्थिर बताई जा रही है। 

रणधीर को रविवार को को अचानक सीने में दर्द की शिकायत महसूस हुई थी। इसके बाद उन्हें ब्रीच कैंडी अस्पताल में लाया गया। हालत को देखते हुए उन्हें तत्काल आईसीयू ले जाया गया। बाद में तबियत में सुधार होने के बाद उन्हें आईसीयू से बाहर निकाल लिया गया। अब उनकी हालत स्थिर बताई जा रही है। राजकूपर के बेटे रणधीर कपूर की शादी बबिता से हुई थी। रणधीर कपूर का जन्म 15 फरवरी, 1947 को हुआ था। रणधीर कपूर की प्रारंभिक शिक्षा बांद्रा के केथेड्रल हाई स्कूल से पूरी हुई है। रणधीर कपूर ने अपना कॅरियर साल 1971 में बतौर कलाकार और निर्देशक फिल्म ‘कल आज और कल’ से की थी।

Kai Po Che

From the makers of "Rang de Basanti" and the writer-director of "Rock On" comes one of the greatest stories of friendship that will ever be told. Kai Po Che. Here’s the first poster.

Vidya Balan had a blast at her Mehendi at her Khar residence

अरे ये क्या! करीना को मिला होमवर्क

माना जाता है कि करीना कपूर अपने कैरेक्टर को लेकर कभी भी होमवर्क नहीं करती हैं। किरदार के अंदर झांकना उन्होंने अभी तक नहीं सीखा था, लेकिन अब प्रकाश झा की फिल्म ‘सत्याग्रह’ के लिए करीना को ढेर सारा होमवर्क करने को कहा गया है। इसफिल्म में वे एक एक्टिविस्ट-जर्नलिस्ट की भूमिका में होंगी।
आमतौर पर हिरोइन्स को पॉलीटिक्स की जानकारी नहीं होती है। इसलिए करीना से कहा गया है कि वे इस किरदार के लिए अच्छे से रिसर्च और स्टडी करें, ताकि जब वे डायलॉग्स डिलीवर करें, तो ऐसा महसूस हो कि उन्हें मुद्दे की काफी जानकारी है। कहा जा रहा है कि करीना का यह किरदार सीएनएन की जर्नलिस्ट क्रिस्टीन एमनपोर से प्रेरित है।

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रितिक ने ठुकराया 20 करोड़ का ऑफर

आज जब हर कोई पैसों के पीछे भाग रहा है, ऐसे में सचिन तेंडुलकर और रितिक रोशन जैसे सितारे अपने सिद्धांतों से समझौता न करते हुए मोटा ऑफर ठुकरा भी देते हैं। एक बार सचिन को एक लिकर कंपनी ने अपना विज्ञापन करने के लिए काफी मोटी रकम का ऑफर किया था। पर सचिन ने उसे यह कहकर ठुकरा दिया था कि इससे युवाओं के बीच गलत संदेश जाएगा। अब कुछ ऐसा ही बॉलिवुड स्टार रितिक रोशन ने किया है।

रितिक ने लिकर का कोई ऑफर नहीं ठुकराया है, बल्कि एक मोबाइल कंपनी का विज्ञापन का ऑफर ठुकरा दिया है। पता चला है कि इसके लिए उन्हें 20 करोड़ रुपए तक की पेशकश की गई थी। पर रितिक ने इसलिए इसे करने से मना कर दिया कि वह खुद इस बात से कन्विंस नहीं हुए कि उस मोबाइल में वो-वो गुण हैं जिसका कि उनसे प्रचार करने को कहा जा रहा है।
पता चला है कि रितिक को यह बात जमी नहीं। उनका मानना है कि उनकी तारीफ के बाद अगर लोग उसे खरीदेंगे और उसमें वे फीचर नहीं पाएंगे जिसका कि वर्णन किया गया है तो उनको लोग झूठा समझेंगे। Source - navbharat times.

I want to give a nice flavour of Bebo to audience: Kareena

After a sensitive role in "Talaash", Kareena Kapoor says she is ready to give the audience a taste of the real "Bebo" and is looking forward to a light romantic comedy in which she can play her usual effervescent self.

"I want to experiment with various genres and not just do monotonous roles. Taalash was one of my most sensitive performances, but now my next will be a rom-com. I want to give a nice flavour of Bebo to the audience post-Talaash," Kareena, who is nicknamed Bebo, told IANS in an interview.

The 32-year-old, who wed actor Saif Ali Khan in October, is ready to get back to full on work in the new year. She will begin work on aKaran Johar production opposite Imran Khan in January.

"I love being part of Dharma Productions' projects. There is some young and new talent coming from this production. My film Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu was directed by Shakun Batra, who is just 25.

"I am looking forward to do this new film (to be directed by Punit Malhotra of I Hate Luv Storys fame)," said Kareena, who describes the film as a "super fun yet poignant" love story.

Kareena has not converted to Islam: Sharmila Tagore

"Kareena has not converted to Islam, but she is the Begum of Pataudi," says mother-in-law Sharmila Tagore

Why did Saif and Kareena not attend the Marrakech film festival that you were a part of?
Saif is shooting with Tigmanshu Dhulia in Lucknow for Bullet Raja. They are trying to finish it in one go and then take a break. I am glad, because coming for the Moroccan fest could've been a distraction. You come here, drink and party... the film that Saif is doing is very intense. It is set in a rural background and he has worked on the accent. Also, Kareena's film Talaash has just released.

How is Kareena, the daughter-in-law?

Nothing has changed. She is the same person and I like her a lot. She is very calm. I saw her during Tiger's illness in the hospital. It was very easy to be with her. She is gentle and quiet and not intrusive. I get along very well with Babita and Karisma also. Karisma is a lovely person. I shared the platform with her at a recent event. She speaks so well. She is actually coming into her own. I saw Dangerous Ishhq; she is a good actress, but the film was awful. English Vinglish is a good film; films don't run because you are a star. If films could run because of performances, everybody's films would do well. It is the director who makes the film.Has Kareena converted to Islam?
She hasn't converted, but she is now the Begum of Pataudi. He is the Nawab, so Kareena is the Begum. Saif is not comfortable with it. But I say why shouldn't one take traditions seriously. He says people may mock at him saying, 'kahaan ki riyasat' and all that. I understand that, but when you go to Pataudi, there are people who follow it. You are who you are, why should you deny your past? Maybe he feels that his father was so well known as the Nawab of Pataudi and filling in his shoes will be difficult. But slowly, he will get used to it.

What is the status of the letter you wrote to The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) on the Pataudi trophy?
I never got any reply, but the letter was leaked to the press. They also made a statement that when India and England play in the UK, it will be called Pataudi trophy and in India, it would be the Vincent D'Mello trophy.

Are you okay with that?

It is their prerogative. Marylebone Cricket Club had instituted a trophy in 2007 to commemorate 75 years of India and England playing together. Since Tiger's father played for England and India, the England and Wales Cricket Board also recognised it and invited Tiger. He went despite his ill-health to give the trophy, but I don't know what happened behind the scene — it was not announced. In November, I wrote to the BCCI, requesting them to make it official. Mr (N) Srinivasan, the BCCI president, wrote back saying he had told the people concerned to take it forward. When it became clear that the match was going to take place and nothing had happened, I wrote a letter to them, but there was no reply. You cannot force anybody to honour somebody. You can only ask.

You must miss him a great deal...

It is difficult to talk about him. I am not ready and feel unable to explain. Life has changed; he is not there, but his presence is very much with us. I am calmer and have an enhanced confidence; may be because he is not there. Otherwise, I would've argued with him. Now, I see the wisdom of what he used to say and I am following that; my life is simpler. Tiger has been my mentor in a way, especially regarding behaviour. I didn't care about time, but he brought punctuality into my life. Earlier, I would say 'I don't want you, professor', when he said something about some action of mine. He was also my spellcheck. When he was in the hospital, I would sit with him and take down each and every detail for the invites — of Saif's wedding — to be sent out. Now, I have to take the help of a dictionary. Correctness was important to him.Source - times of india.


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