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Inspired by dad

Sonakshi Sinha is daddy’s girl and she has made that clear on several occasions. Now, she’s showing off her inspiration in a movie as well. Her next, Son Of Sardaar, will have Sonakshi mouth the famous word that her dad, actor Shatrughan Sinha is known for —

khamosh! (Silence!) We hear that in a particular scene in which Sonakshi is travelling by train, she gets into an argument with a fellow passenger. And in the course of the fight, Sonakshi loses her cool and yells,Khamosh! And we’re told that while the scene will be filmed with Sonakshi, Shatrughan himself will dub the line. The makers decided to do that thinking it would be fun.

Let’s wait for November 13 and see what the audiences have to say. Until then, we’ll stay khamosh about this.

Fed up of John
Bipasha Basu is a sport — she doesn’t run away from nasty questions, unlike her contemporaries. But now, it looks like the actor is fed up of playing the role of an outspoken, fearless woman. Earlier, she would never shy away from answering questions about her ex-boyfriend, John Abraham, but now Bipasha is done with that.

Apparently, she’s made it clear that she will reject any John-related questions as soon as they are asked. She now only wants to focus on the completion of her next film, Aatma and then do some heavy-duty promotion of her international film, Singularity.

Well, we hope her decision to play safe hasn’t been sparked by her recent episode of swine flu.

We’re a solid team
Sudhir Mishra’s favourite actor continues to be Chitrangada Singh. The sultry Punjabi girl has everything that it takes to be a director’s muse — looks, figure and the ability to deliver a powerful performance.

As everyone’s well aware, Chitrangada is almost finalised for Mishra’s next venture, Mehrunissa. While a confirmation on that is yet to come, the two have decided to come together for a short film. Mishra has cast the actor in his 10-minute short film titled The Cleanup, which will be part of the Large Short Film project, for which several known filmmakers are making shorts.

And we hear the film so far looks really good and the music has been composed by Indian Ocean band members Rahul Ram and Amit Kilam. What fun, no?

In need of publicity
So there’s this actor — a one time popular comedian, who also played villain in many films before becoming famous for his ‘couch’. Ooops! We didn’t mean to say that.

Anyway, apparently this actor, who of late has been wearing some really weird clothes at the weddings he attends, has been getting drunk every night and calling up a PR executive. The PR exec is fed up of the actor calling him so he ignores the calls. But this actor is smart and he knows his game well, so he keeps calling the exec from different numbers until his call is answered.

And you know why he’s doing it? It seems he wants his pictures published in the papers. Aha! Someone needs to tell him that his daughter is becoming popular and has a clean image in the industry. Please don’t make things difficult for her!
Source - hindustantimes


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