Rani Mukerji : Why tag a film as heroine-oriented?

Mukerji on Aiyyaa and doing movies that appeal to her
Apart from it being the story of a middle class girl, Aiyyaa is also about the sexual awakening of a woman?

Not really. It's a simple story — about this girl from a traditional middle class family — that every girl can relate to. She is leading a life in tune with what her parents want, but in her head and in her fantasy space, she is something else. She romanticises life, doing a lavani, belly dancing, doing a Madhuri or a Juhi. About the sexual awakening, director Sachin Kundalkar's basic observation was that in Hindi films it's always a woman who is the object of desire. Why isn't a man an object of desire? In society today it is so, then why not in films? In Aiyyaa, Meenaxi desires a man in every way that we women would desire men.

In real life, have you always been a dreamer and a romantic?

Yes, but not as much as Meenaxi does! We are all dreamers, we all hope. As a child, I remember I always wanted to make my parents happy and give them everything in their lives. About being a romantic, yes I am. Love is a great emotion, but I believe it's not just about romance, it could be love for nature, people, for relationships.

Many heroine-oriented films have come together in recent times...

It's not a sudden trend with Nargisji doing Mother India and Nutanji doing Bandini and Sujata.In their time, they were never called heroine-centric or women-oriented films. Even today, one should not tag them, they are just good or bad films. We didn't do this in the past, I don't know why we are slotting them now. In romantic films, women have always been the protagonists.

Where do you see yourself in this rat race?

For more than a decade I have been taking decisions and choosing films that I'd like to do. For me things have not changed. Today, too, when a script comes to me, I have the option to either do it or not. This rat race term has come about because at a particular time there is a rat race between just those few people.

In reality, what is important is that throughout your career, you have to make yourself interesting enough for people to be waiting to see your films. In my case, people are longing to see what I come out wth next. That's my success.

You've danced in this film like never before?

People have focussed so much on my performances that my dancing took a backseat. I am a classical dancer and in this film, I have done all forms. Here, there was an opportunity to go all out. Vaibhavi, as a choreographer, got an opportunity to give a different pallate to all the songs. And our combination worked. Also, it was always my desire to learn belly dancing and I did that.

With Kareena's marriage now, everyone's curious to know about your plans...

Marriage happens, it can't be planned. When it has to happen, it will happen. Normally, what we always believe is that however prepared you are, if it's not meant to happen, it won't. And however much we have not planned, it will still happen if it's destined. In my case, there are no plans right now. But whenever it is, it will be one of the happiest moments and I will pretty much enjoy that phase as I am enjoying this phase of my life.

Aiyyaa, produced by Viacom18 Motion Pictures releases today.
Source - timesofindia


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