Navjot,Rajeev battle it out in Bigg Boss 6

Navjot Singh Sidhu
While Colors is back with the brand new season of Bigg Boss, the sixth instalment of the popular reality show went on air on October 7. Before being sent to the house, contestants, cricket commentator Navjot Singh Sidhu and television actor Rajeev Paul speak to Screen about being a part of the show.

While Sidhu was eager to be part of Bigg Boss 6, his kids were apprehensive of his decision. He says, “My son and daughter were petrified when they were told that I would be one of the participant in Bigg Boss 6. They were not keen, because of the violence they had seen in the show’s earlier seasons. It was only after a discussion with the channel head of Colors did I come to know that this season is going to be more family oriented, which convinced me to participate in the show.” Sidhu who is also a politician, confesses missing his hometown Amritsar and cherishes the love and political support it has given him.

Meanwhile, the show has managed to get a divorced couple Rajeev Paul and Delnaz Irani together under one roof. Before joining the house, when Screen asked Rajeev about living in close proximity with Delnaz in the house, this is what he had to say, “I am not aware if Delnaz is on board. She is an amazing person, I still love her. If she is on the show, it will be good for the audience to see how two divorced people behave living in the same house.”

Shabnam’s maternal debut

Actress Shabnam Sayed, seen in films like Hook Ya Crookand My Friend Pinto will soon be seen essaying, the role of a mother for the first time in her TV career. As Shirin, the actress will play the role of a parent to three children in Zee TV’s upcoming serial Qubool Hai. Says a source close to the project, “Shabnam belongs to a rich Muslim family. Though financially well off, she is the second wife to a Muslim man and lives in constant fear of losing her husband to his first wife.”

Shabnam who played Jhumpa in her earlier stint with Zee TV’s Hitler Didi, came across as a street smart, big mouth woman, but as Shirin in Qubool Hai, she portrays an innocent, shy Muslim lady and adorns Pakistani salwar suits.

Like Hitler Didi, Shabnam in this show too had to concentrate on her linguistic skills. Says the source, “In Hitler Didi, Shabnam had to talk in Hindi with a Bengali accent, while in Qubool.., since she belongs to a Bhopal based Musilm family, she will be speaking in Hindi with the native flavour of that place and use a lot of Urdu words.

Qubool Hai is set to go on air by the end of October or in the first week of November.
Source - screen india


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