Manisha is the good ghost, I’m the bad one, says Ramgopal Varma

Manisha is the good ghost, I'm the bad one,says Ramgopal Varma in a chat with TOI along with his Bhoot Returns actress

All set to scare the audience?

Ramgopal: I'm also set to be scared by the audiences!

Manisha: (laughs) We are looking forward to the release and audience reaction. So there's anxiety...

R: Not at all. I'm a completely fearless person because I have ghostly intuitions about myself and ghosts can't get scared. Manisha is spiritual. She is Casper, I am Spooky!

M: I am a little nervous about it because it's my first film release after a couple of years.

Do you watch horror films?

M: I get really scared, so I stopped watching them. But thanks to him at 12 at night the other day I watched this film.

R: I watch a lot of them. I keep looking back just in case the film characters are behind!

This is an important film for both of you. What prompted each of you to work with the other?

R: I have always been a fan of Manisha. After she came back, I approached her because I thought she was perfect for the role. You will have to ask her why she agreed to work with me!

M: We stayed in touch even after Company. When he got in touch with me for this, I agreed because I liked the role.

How would you define your rapport?

R: It's distant closeness.

M: If it can be defined!

Are there any similarities between the two of you?

R: No way. Manisha is kind, charitable, friendly. The opposite of that is what I am... selfish, conceited and somebody who doesn't care a damn.

M: I don't perceive Ramu like that all.

R: See, she is proving my point.

M: We are different. Let's leave it to that.

What's the best part about Bhoot Returns?

R: I would say the sound and the plot of a mother being scared for her daughter... this cute little girl and what kind of drama unfolds.

M: The 3D and the music. The way he has used the silence as well as the sound is brilliant.

Do you consider horror a niche genre?

R: Any genre is a niche one, for that matter. Horror is an experience where people want to feel the thrill of it.

M: Horror has a huge audience, it's a major part of cinema.

Bhoot Returns, produced by Alumbra Entertainment and presented by Eros International, releases today.
Source - timesofindia


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