Bollywood amazes WWE wrestler Kane

New Delhi: We have always seen the ‘Big Red Machine’ wreck havoc on the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) ring, but in real Glenn Thomas Jacobs aka Kane is just another warm hearted US national. The popular wrestler is in Delhi to promote WWE with wrestling diva Eva Torres. Kane, as a representative of world’s biggest sports entertainment spoke at length about Bollywood. He said that he has lot of respect for the actors of Hindi film industry.
Kane’s last visit in India in 2009 was hosted by Akshay Kumar and we saw him in a formal and clean shaven look, but this time round the wrestler had his red mask intact that made him look straight out of a horror film.
Asked, why the return of the mask this time? “I just wanted to create some interest and fear,” said Kane.
While he has no Bollywood plans even though he has been part of a few Hollywood films, he recalled his last filmy visit to India. “I am not going to Mumbai this time so I won’t be able to meet Akshay. But the Bollywood thing amazes me. Akshay acts, fights, dances and does everything, I mean that’s amazing. Back in the States, no one is doing all of that.”
Talking more about Bollywood, Kane said, “I think they are some of the most versatile performers in the world. It is unbelievable for me that Akshay does his own stunts. I saw the stunt where he jumped out of an airplane and it was incredible.”
The 28-year-old Torres, who is on her first visit to India, can`t contain her excitement. `Today is my first day in India and I can`t wait to explore this beautiful country.”
The itinerary of the visitors takes them only to Delhi and Bangalore, so Torres said she would love to come back to the country to visit Mumbai. “I`m sad that we are so close to Taj Mahal but we won`t be able to go there because of lack of time,” she added with a tinge of regret.
Source - Zee News


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