Arjun Kapoor shares cordial ties with Sridevi

Arjun Kapoor is talkative and can talk for hours on any topic under the sun. But when it comes to the touchy topic of his father Boney Kapoor's second marriage to Sridevi, Arjun clams up and decides to maintain a dignified silence.

Probe further and ask for his reaction to Sridevi's remark in a recent interview that she shares good equations with Arjun, and the actor takes a deep breath, slides back on his chair thinking hard, and after a long pause, says, "Her film is releasing and I don't think this is the ideal time for me to get into this conversation. I will most gladly talk about her upcoming film but I don't want to talk about my equations with her. Perhaps I will talk on this topic in my next interview. She is a very fine actor, she is somebody who has inspired generation of actresses. People are excited to see her back on the big screen and I am sure her film would do really, really well. I hope it does well. As far as our relationship is concerned, we share a cordial relationship. My mom has always told my sister and me to be respectful towards elders."

Source - Times Of India


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