Akshay-Paresh in verbal duel

Real-life good friends Akshay Kumar and Paresh Rawal have joined hands to produce the upcoming OMG Oh My God! But in the movie, Kanjibhai (Paresh) has done the unthinkable — he's sued God (Akshay). TOI caught up with God and Kanjibhai as they engaged in banter.

Read on for the excerpts...
God: Kanji is a businessman. He works on idols to pass them off as antiques from history. And then, he tells people to light diyas and agarbattis and also pray to ward off their tough times. When a person is going through a low phase, he'll believe in anything to come out of it.
Kanji: God sounds like a general term for the many Gods and Goddesses. Is there an exact number on how many of you are really there in totality?
God: Census is still on.... But I can tell you this, the names are many, but God is one.
Kanji: Considering the many avatars, don't they have ego clashes? Don't they have popularity wars and contests?
God: What do you think it is? Swarglok or your film industry, that there will be ego clashes? Unlike your box-office collections, I don't pay too much attention to daan-peti collections. Remember, God is one superhero, it's you who has segregated him in various categories under different names.
Kanji: In times ruled by technology, is God reachable via sms and social networking sites?
God: Text messages and social networking sites take a lot more time to connect. For me, Mandir means 'Mann Andar'. So, the fastest way to connect to me is via MAM service, i.e. mann-andar message service. Just remember me in your heart and in your deeds. That's the fastest way to get to me.
Kanji: For once, why can't you get your act straight and let there be happiness all around? God: For once, why can't you be happy with what I have given you? Happiness is an individual state of mind. It is all around if you look at it like that. Each one has to go through failure to enjoy success to its optimum.
Kanji: Hmm...
God: Okay, now it's my turn to ask you a question. People often blame things on me, saying "It's God's wish', when things don't go as they want it to. Why don't they take initiatives and control of their own lives?
Kanji: Yes, I agree with you. The easiest thing for us humans to do is to blame someone else if something goes wrong. One who does not do so will lead to taking initiatives.
God: If I gave you all my powers for a week, what would you do first?
Kanji: Firstly, I would shut all the wrong things being done in the name of God. That would solve 90 per cent of the problems. Then, I would change the roads in Mumbai. But then again, I've realised I'm happy being a human. As for divine powers, I won't be able to handle them.
OMG Oh My God!, produced by Viacom 18 Motion Pictures and Grazing Goat Pictures, releases September 28
Source - Times Of India


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