Deepika Padukone times her moves

The actress manages to reach a party right when her ex-boyfriend Ranbir arrived 

Practice what you preach. If anyone believes in this old adage it is Deepika Padukone. The actress, who is the ambassador for a luxury watch brand, is taking her sense of timing quite seriously. At a recent party hosted by choreographers Bosco Ceasar, Dippy's arrival coincided with her ex-boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor, who she had been avoiding over the past couple of years, until recently. 

What is surprising is that in a city where nobody seems to reach any place on time, here are two stars who managed to keep pace with each other, even though they were in two different parts of the city- Dippy in Prabhadevi, Ranbir in Powai where he was attending an event with Imtiaz Ali and Karan Johar. The former lovers and now co-stars reached Andheri at 11.30 pm. In fact, Mirror spotted Imtiaz escorting Deepika in. 

It did not end there. Both Ranbir and Deepika left the party within 20 minutes. While at 11.50 pm, Ranbir walked to his car, KJo was spotted escorting Dippy to hers. 

Considering Ranbir and Dippy are now busy reading the scripts in the vales of Manali with each other for Ayaan Mukerji's Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani, perhaps it is time to let bygones be...
Source - Times of India


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